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Focus Mk2: Error code B2089 - Puddle/Approach Lamp Fault

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:28 am
by TimFor
I have Focus 2007 Mk2 Ghia. With Forscan I get Error code B2089 - "Puddle/Approach Lamp Fault" for both driver and passenger sides.

I don't know that I have those lamps. They are not on the bottom of mirror housing.
I thought they might be integrated with indicator lamps in the side of the mirror, but it seems not.
(per ... ent=780969) ... ent=621473 also says for this Error code:
"ignore - it its common on Forscan to get that code if you don't have puddle lamps simple software bug".

Is this Forscan error and can it be fixed or what?