Module APIM; Code C1001:1-48 (1st post)

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Module APIM; Code C1001:1-48 (1st post)

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Hello, new to FORScan and appreciate the help for my 2014 Ford F-350, Lariat, 6.7L. I had some issues with my backup camera where it stopped working so I replaced the camera with one off Amazon which did nothing, (original camera re-installed) so I returned it, then I replaced that segment of wiring from the tailgate to the camera, which did nothing and replaced the Ford Sync system with Sync 3 (2017-2021 version). I checked the connector above the emergency brake and looks fine. So I bought EX101 OBD2 link and ForScan and here's the code I got:

Code C1001 - Vision System Camera

Additional Fault Symptom (:01):
-General Electrical Failure

Status (-48):
- Previously Set DTC - Not Present at Time of Request
- Malfunction Indicator Lamp is Off for this DTC
- Test not complete

Module: Accessory Protocol Interface Module
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Re: Module APIM; Code C1001:1-48 (1st post)

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That DTC was from a previous event. Maybe related to your camera swap. Reset the DTCs and see if it returns.
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