Ford C-Max showing odd results

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Ford C-Max showing odd results

Post by FH2k » Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:04 pm

Hey there. The Ford C Max (2006, 1.8L gasoline) shows some odd problems. Car didn't start, had to jump start it. Worked fine again for 2 times, 3rd same problem. Forscan Lite told me that the Oxygen Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 had 702mV. Okay so far, but doesn't explain why the car sometimes doesn't start. It became worse, no the car is showing DTC 9318 (Battery voltage too low) and "Engine failure. Aux. Heater off. Acceleration reduced" and a consumption of 99l/100km.

Latest log:

(WARN) [21:22:37.918] Checking OBDII...
(OK) [21:22:42.948] Adapter: ELM327 v1.5
(OK) [21:22:43.616] Connection to vehicle has been established
(OK) [21:22:44.809] Ford Focus C-MAX DURATEC-HE / I4 1.8L 2006 ( 2002.75 ), VIN: WF0*********04265
(OK) [21:22:45.040] PCM - Powertrain Control Module
(WARN) [21:22:45.169] DTCs in PCM: P2122-63
(OK) [21:22:45.313] OBDII - On Board Diagnostic II
(OK) [21:22:45.921] ABS - Antilock braking system
(WARN) [21:22:46.111] DTCs in ABS: U2023-A0
(OK) [21:22:46.115] EPS - Electronic-Controlled Power Steering
(WARN) [21:22:46.298] DTCs in EPS: C1956-20, B1318-20, U261B-20
(OK) [21:22:46.304] IC - Instrument Cluster

I'm really confused. It happened "all the sudden.

I've just read something. Some had similar problems (Ford just spit out weird errors all the time), that was occasionally caused by a faulty battery.
Gonna buy a new one tomorrow and edit if it helped or not.

Got a new Varta C22 Battery. Everything runs fine again. However, Forscan shows PCM- P1000-63.

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Re: Ford C-Max showing odd results

Post by denbo » Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:42 pm

You can ignore the p1000, it will go away once the pcm has learned its new setting after battery change. A few miles driving will do it.

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