Forscan Lite for iPhone - feature requests

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Forscan Lite for iPhone - feature requests

Post by alchemyx » Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:58 pm


Today I bough Forscan Lite and it works flawlessly with my vgate adapter. Altough I am missing few features and I hope to have them added some day:

- showing highest and lowest value on dashboard or in table (so I can tell what was highest value and lowest without staring at phone, I can do it by looking at history but it is not the same)

- alerting when some value goes over some set threshold, for example I would like to set threshold for exhaust temperature to some temperature so I would get alert if DPF started cleaning procedure

And that is all for now i think. As usual - great piece of software. Thank you!

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Re: Forscan Lite for iPhone - feature requests

Post by FORScan » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:26 am

Thanks for your feedback. We will try to implement these features in next versions.

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