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Need help fast ...

Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2018 8:39 pm
by Jim_Rockford007
I had down loaded forscan and used it quite a bit , neverhad an issue, did the battery rest, changed my tire size because I went to stock 20s , went to blackout mode. been using it lately to try and troubleshoot a alternator problem I had, it ran the battery down the other week coming back to lakeland from melbourne , so I swapped in a optima I had and reset the battery , well I charged my old battery , for a few days, and reinstalled it thinking maybe it was a fluck, its only like 2 year old motorcraft at that. drove a round a few days everything seemed to be normal and damn it yesterday it didnt give me a battery ligt again, I happened o have my laptop and cable with me, so I tried to open forscan and got this error (See Attachment) I have deleted forscan completely , cleared my temp files , and Im all out of Ideas , I need to reset the battery monitor bad cause even with a new battery its not charging.