ForScan not connecting

Any issues related to FORScan application
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ForScan not connecting

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Just bought the ForScan App for my Droid phone
I am connected via bluetooth to my OBDII interface on my 99 Ford F350 7.3
The Droid phone shows connected to the ODBII
I have turned off DEMO mode in ForScan but the APP keeps saying it is not connected and all ForScan screens show no data

Since I have Torque Pro on the same phone I opened that APP and it is reading my engine rpm, temp etc so the ODBII connection is working

How do I get ForScan to connect?

I have been advised that the bluetooth adapter is the problem, but it is working with Torque Pro
My adapter is BAFX Products OBDII Diagnostic Interface. Is that one that should work? ... =bafx+obd2
They state it will work-

(For Android & Windows devices ONLY! NOT iOS compatible!)
Many similar OBD2 tools CLAIM to work on all vehicles but have problems with the J1850 & CAN protocols however..... the BAFX Products OBD reader actually DOES work on all vehicles & ALL OBD2 protocols!
Check engine light on? Need to read the code?

Need to clear your check engine light?
Heading for emissions testing and need to make sure you'll pass?
Want to check the status of sensors when the CEL light came on?
Want to make sure O2 sensors are working properly?
Need to check your air/fuel ratio?

All this and more is at your fingertips with the BAFX Products OBD2 scanner!
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