2010 Mariner- only subset of modules showing in 'Config'?

Any issues related to FORScan application
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2010 Mariner- only subset of modules showing in 'Config'?

Post by buckyswider » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:44 pm

Hi all, 2010 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Dual-bus OBDII interface, so no need to mess with switches or anything.

Forscan discovers all the modules just fine. They even all show up in the module reset pane. But the "Configuration and Programming" pane only shows like 8 of 17 of the discovered modules. I know I'm missing the APIM as well as the IC module (and seven others missing, if my math is correct). The modules that *do* show there have both busses represented, so I know <think> it's not a bus thing. But why don't those other modules show? Is it possible that for my model year all of those modules don't have any configurable parameters?

for what it's worthy, i'm trying to see if there's a module that controls a 12/24 clock setting for the FDIM. My factory nav has a clock setting that's easy to change, but some other pals over at the escape forum don't have the factory nav and are looking for a way to change to a 24 clock setting on the FDIM. I was hoping to compare the dumps from any module that may have a part to see if there is a different with the clock set both ways. With what modules are showing in the C&P pane right now I can see the FDIM, ACM, and GEM/SJB, and none of them have any difference after changing. So myl last-ditch efforts will be to check the IC and APIM modules...


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