Changing Tire Sizes with Advance Track Equipped Cars/Trucks

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Changing Tire Sizes with Advance Track Equipped Cars/Trucks

Post by CombatDork » Sun Dec 17, 2017 8:27 pm

I'm working on my brother in law's 2015 F250 Platinum 4x4, fully loaded.

He's put new rims and tires on it with a small lift. His current tire size in the BCM is set to the highest factory size. He has 35x12.50 R20s on his truck right now. I've converted that into metric 318 60 R20, then calculated down into hex at 0A8F.

I found the correct field by using the BCM Service options and checking for changes. I found the tire size is the 2nd Field in 726-45-01 (i.e. xxxx-0A46-xxxx). I also noticed that the 3rd field was also changing but I was unable to determine why. Going from the smallest size in the BCM Service options to the largest yielded this change "xxxx-097C-116D" (245 75R 17) to "xxxx-0A46-1138" (275 65R 20).

Not being sure what the 3rd field was for I changed only the 2nd field and while it did take and correct the speedometer, it kicked off a PCM/TCM fault codes for something like "BCM - value out of tolerance". This apparently made Advance Track disable itself and give a message "Service Advance Track".

Does anyone know what the 3rd field is for and/or how to change the tire size and avoid DTA codes as to keep Advance Track functional?

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