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Re: FORScan release notes

Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 3:27 am
by FORScan
FORScan wrote:FORScan v2.1.20 beta
+ Service function "Injector calibration" for:
Mazda 6 2.0 RF-T 2002-2004 model year
Mazda MPV 2.0 RF-T 2002-2004 model year
Mazda 5 2.0 RF-T 2007 model year
Mazda Bongo 2.0 RF-T 2007 model year
This service function needs to be tested on 2.0 RF-T 2007 model year. As for RF-T 2002-2004 model year - it was tested, found a problem for china ELM327 bluetooth adapters: because of PCM protocol specific, significant response time of china ELM327 bluetooth adapters may cause loss of connection to PCM. We have applied a fix/improvement for this case, but had no chance to test it (user who addressed the problem is out of city for 2 weeks).
The service function is confirmed as working on 2.0 RF-T 2007 model year. Also the user who addressed the issue for RF-T 2002-2004 model year returned back and confirmed it works too.

FORScan Lite v1.2.2 for iPhone (Core 2.1.21)

Posted: Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:58 am
by FORScan
FORScan Lite v1.2.2 for iPhone (Core 2.1.21)

1. "Lite" means this version has no tests and service functions.

2. "(Core 2.1.21)" means that this version has the same kernel as FORScan for Windows v2.1.21

3. This version requires WiFi adapter. It is known that bluetooth devices require special Apple certification, absolute majority of adapters have no such cert.

4. The version is paid ($4.99), however everyone who helped us with developing the project (translators, beta-testers or any user who helped to find bugs and resolve problems, improving the application) can get it for free. We will be ready to accept such a requests by email starting from November, 10th.

FORScan v2.1.23 release notes

Posted: Thu Nov 20, 2014 1:54 pm
by FORScan
+ Service function "Reset pilot injection quantity learned values" for:
Galaxy 1.6/2.0 TDCi(Euro V) 2010 model year
Mondeo Mk4 1.6/2.0 TDCi(Euro V) 2007-2011 model year
Kuga 2.0 TDCi TDCi Euro V 2008-2013 model year
Focus Mk3/CMax 1.6/2.0 TDCi 2011 model year
Ford Ranger 2.2/3.2 TDCi 2011 model year
Transit 2.2/3.2 TDCi(Euro V) 2006-2014 model year
Transit Connect 1.6 TDCi (Euro V/Eco III) 2014 model year
Mazda 3 Mk2 1.6 Y6 2009 model year
Mazda 5 Mk3 1.6 Y6 2010 model year
Mazda B-series 2.2/3.2 TDCi 2011 model year
This function was added as a result of investigations on this Focus Mk3 1.6 TDCi problem:

Modern diesel engines with Common Rail have so called Pilot Injection function that means injecting small volume of fuel right before the main injection event. This reduces combustion noise and improves the work. The fuel quantity of the pilot injection depends on many conditions (mode of work, wear etc), so it is a subject of self learning process. In some cases these learned data have to be reset and re-initialized (for example, if one or several injectors are replaced). Some powertrain control modules are able to calculate initial values for pilot injection quantity based on injectors' C2I codes (this is why it is so important to program new injectors in PCM). But some PCMs also require additional procedures to learn new values. For some reason, the "Reset All Adaptations" sevice function on Focus Mk3 seems to be performing incorrect initalization of these values, so this function was added to solve the problem, first of all.
+ Service function "Reset minimum drive pulse (MDP) learned values" for:
Galaxy 2.0 TDCi Euro V 2010 model year
Mondeo Mk4 2.0 TDCi Euro V 2007-2011 model year
Kuga 2.0 TDCi TDCi Euro V 2008 model year
Focus Mk3/CMax 2.0 TDCi 2011 model year
Minimum drive pulse (MDP) is also important parameter for pilot injection. The MDP means a shortest pulse that must be sent to injector in order to force it spray any fuel to the cylinder. Pilot injection operates with very small amount of fuel, so MDP calibration is required to control the injection precisely.
* Improvement the DTC reading procedure - show modules FORScan was unable to read DTCs for
Something we wanted to implement long time ago. The problem: if FORScan is unable to read DTC codes from some module (it is possible, for example if a vehicle is equipped with ECU of the latest generation, and ELM327 adapter is slow), it doesn't save any error in logs. If re-read DTCs manually, FORScan displays some error message dialog, but didn't mention what exactly module (modules) experienced the issue. As a result, users might be misinformed assuming there is no errors in some module, although in reality FORScan didn't display any error there just because was unable to read them. In version 2.1.23 this issue is finally resolved: in case of such problem FORScan will display a error in the list of DTC, as well as in the log.
* Increased timeout in the DPF static regeneration service function for:
Mazda 5 2.0 RF-T 2005/2007 model year
Mazda 6 2.0 RF-T 2005 model year
Mazda 3 2.0 RF-T 2006 model year
Mazda Bongo 2.0 RF-T 2007 model year

* Removed timeout in the DPF static regeneration service function for latest generation of Ford and Mazda vehicles
These modifications were applied after receiving several complaints from users on timeout error in FORScan before the DPF regeneration is actually finished.
- Reset All Adaptations function for Focus/Cmax Mk3 1.6 TDCi, as it causes problems on some vehicles
On some Focus Mk3 1.6 TDCi this function affects engine work in an absolutely inadequate way (see notes above). So we have decided to remove it.

Re: FORScan release notes

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:26 am
by avkdm
See below

Re: FORScan release notes

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:37 am
by avkdm
FORScan wrote:FORScan v2.1.20 beta
+ Service fuction "Read Fuel Injector Correction Factors", "Change Fuel Injector Correction Factors" for:
Mazda BT-50 2.5 WL-CD/3.0 WE-CD 2007 model year
Ford Ranger/Everest/Endeavour 2.5 WL-CD/3.0 WE-CD 2007 model year
This function was not tested on a real vehicle (user who requested the function had no chance to check it). However, the function is very similar to other Mazda so we don't expect any problems here.

Hi FORScan team
I was able to " Read Fuel Injector Correction Factors" on my BT50 successfully. I have not tried to "change" them however.
I have purchased your IPhone app - it works great by the way.
Are you working on Windows 8.1 phone app release soon?

Re: FORScan release notes

Posted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 10:35 am
by FORScan
avkdm wrote:I have purchased your IPhone app - it works great by the way.
Thanks :)
avkdm wrote:Are you working on Windows 8.1 phone app release soon?
Yes, it is also in plan... but after Android.

FORScan v2.2.0 release notes

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:28 pm
by FORScan
+ Output Control function (manage actuators)
Described and discussed here:
+ Service function "PATS programming" (requires extended license) for:
PATS programming is described here:

Extended licensing is described here:
+ Support J2534 Passthru adapters
Described and discussed here:
+ Partial freeze frame support - only for modules of the last generation (2007..2011 - now, also some freeze frame PIDs may be not supported)
This is how it looks like:
ff_lastgen_en.png (84.86 KiB) Viewed 383881 times
Not all DTCs/modules generate freeze frame.
+ Help button for Test and Service functions
Just a button that can be pressed to get some information about what the function does, here is how it looks like:
service_test_help_en.png (73.43 KiB) Viewed 383882 times
In fact, it is just the same text that was displayed before start of any service or test procedure. However, a lot of users do not want to press the Start button if they don't know what the function does (and strongly speaking it is very reasonable behaviour), as a result they have no chance to read the information about the function. Now this problem is solved as the Help buttons shows the information without starting the proc.
+ Save and restore FORScan windows position
Previous versions of FORScan didn't remember changes in FORScan window's size and position. We consider it as a minor inconvenience, however situation has been changed now, when the Output Control function has been added with its own window. So now FORScan remembers the main window and Output Control window size and positions and restores them after launch.
* Fixes and improvements in communication procedures
We have performed a serious work to test FORScan on different adapters and vehicles and improve stability of application in part of communication with adapter and vehicle.

FORScan v2.2.3 release notes

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2015 5:31 am
by FORScan
1. In version 2.2.2 we corrected picture in the service function Read/Change Fuel Correction factors for Transit TDCi 2006-2012. By mistake, picture for Focus Mk1, Mondeo Mk3, Transit 2000-2005 and Transit Connect 2002-2008 was changed too. We ask owners of these models who programmed injectors with version 2.2.2 to download v2.2.3 and check correctness of the programming using this article as a reference:

The following pciture is correct for these models:
engTDDI_TDCI.gif (9.31 KiB) Viewed 382929 times
Also, we ask owners of Transit TDCi 2006-2012 who programmed injectors using version prior to 2.2.2 (2.2.1 and older) to install version 2.2.3 and check correctness of the programming. If it is incorrect, please re-program it and run the service function "Fuel Injector Pilot Correction Learn".

We are sorry for these troubles.

- bug in PATS programming Module Initialization function for TDDI engines
This function is completely tested and confirmed to be working on Transit 2000-2005, Mondeo Mk3, Focus Mk1 with TDDI engines. If you need Module Initialization function (must be used when FIP and/or PCM are replaced), please use version 2.2.3 or newer.

3.The following function is not tested on real vehicle yet:
+ Service function "ABS Service Bleed" for:
Territory 4.0 AWD 2004/2006 model year
Falcon 2006-2010 model year
Fairlane 2006 model year
Fairmont 2006 model year

FORScan Lite/Demo for Android release notes

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:59 pm
by FORScan
FORScan Demo is a free application created for demo purposes and compatibility checks. It is recommended to use before purchasing Lite version to make sure the application has no compatibility problems (with device, adapter, vehicle etc). Beta-testing for Android indicated that such problems are quite possible, especially if ELM327 Bluetooth clones of poor quality are used.

FORScan Lite is paid application.

Demo and Lite version have the same filling so if FORScan Demo works, FORScan Lite will work too. And vice versa (if Demo doesn't work, Lite will not work too). But in fact these are 2 independent applications, so you can install both or any of them.

On the first run Lite version uses Google license verification service to validate the license. So Android device has to be connected to the Internet on the first run. After successful check the result is cached and application doesn't require Internet access anymore (can be used offline).

FORScan v2.2.5 release notes

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:44 am
by FORScan
This version contains quite serious set of changes in database, logic and some functions, so although we tested it as much as we can, problems are not excluded,as we are not physically able to test new versions on all models (btw this is why all releases for Windows have "beta" suffix).

Comments on change history:
+ Service function "PATS programming" for:
Falcon/Fairmont/Fairlane AU/BA/BF, 1998-2007
This was only tested on BA. It is hard to find a beta testers for Australian PATS because of their specific. The functions are in fact the same, but tests on AU and BF would be neccessary, as these models have differencies in their on-board equipment.
+ calculation and displaying adapter errors in Vehicle->Configuration section
The adapter stats is displayed at the end of adapter section in the mentioned tab and can be used to estimate adapter's quality. Note: some incorrect actions of user may lead to wrong stats. For example, if HS/MS CAN switch is used improperly, there will be multiple CAN ERRORs.
+ MS-CAN management options in settings (for ELM327 only)
This option can now be used to change FORScan behaviour in case of vehicle has MS-CAN bus. Option "Auto" is default behaviour (same as in previous versions). Work with MS-CAN can be disabled (so FORScan will not ask for HS/MS-CAN switch, assuming there is no switch), enabled (so FORScan will not ask for HS/MS-CAN switch, assuming the switch is present). Option "RTS relay" requires special adapter modification (no article yet).