FORScan release notes

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Re: FORScan release notes

Post by soundguy213 »

I had that already turned off. I'm still stumped.
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Re: FORScan release notes

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Soundguy - if you have Windows 10 PRO and a recent CPU, install Windows Sandbox from optional components, set it up by making a sandbox-settings.wsb file with one shared folder (google it), copy Forscan setup to that folder, run Sandbox, install and run Forscan there. If all succeeded, then your antivirus is still active, or you haven't reinstalled Forscan after disabling antivirus.
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Re: FORScan release notes

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2022 F-350 “Unable to identify vehicle”. Not supported yet? If that’s the case, what’s the timeframe for it to be available?
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Re: FORScan release notes

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I am also looking for an ETA as to when FORScan will support 2022 Super Duty trucks?
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Re: FORScan release notes

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jdaird wrote:
Thu Jan 02, 2020 2:03 pm
With the latest version of Forscan is the manipulation of the hexadecimal code gone now? Is it all just point and click now?
If so, is there a list of what can be found under which modules?
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I too, find this frustrating. I have no idea what values are needed in the ,point an d clck, version, but I do know what hexidecimal values to change. Is there some setting I am missing to enable the old Hex style change methoc?
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