Need help saving/loading abt file

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Need help saving/loading abt file

Post by remltr » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:04 am

I saved my original BCM and APIM modules back in June 2016. Haven't done any saving since. I see the abt files for these modules in the documents folder under Forscan.

For some reason I don't remember how I saved them. I need to save my changes so that I can load my originals back in for a service appt tomorrow am.

I have tried during play and after stopping play. The floppy disk icon only becomes active after stopping play and then only wants to write a txt log file.

Can someone help me with the process please.

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Re: Need help saving/loading abt file

Post by Ben78 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 6:49 am

Connect to the modules AsBuilt section, then use buttons "Restore All", "Load All", "Save All" and "Write All".

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