ST focus fans

Any issues related to FORScan application
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ST focus fans

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Good afternoon
Can anyone help me please,
I’ve just had my car mapped to stage 2.
Since it was done both my fans run constantly until I turn the car off.
Focus ST diesel 2016
It was mapped before on stage 1. Then went pumaspeed stage 2 and had an issue with 200+ soot.
But hand no problems with my fans running.
Then took it to wayside.As I was told The solution is you need to return to the stock map, reset all the learned values for the DPF, then remap the car again and the DPF soot load should remain at 0% so they done that,
Then wayside mapped it but since doing it the both fans run constantly,
Any ideas how to fix it please

Many Thanks
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Re: ST focus fans

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Obviously the PCM remap is incorrect and if is mapped again, it's likely corrupt.
If the original was saved and written back, then the PCM can perform its emissions tests.
If the original wasn't saved, then the PCM needs to be flashed with the original.
Do you even have FORScan operating?
FORScan can monitor the PCM values and see if there are any on-going faults.
If emissions components were removed, all you'll end up with are PCM errors.
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