Kill Sirius XM Radio

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Kill Sirius XM Radio

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Hello everyone. :)
I have a 2019 Ford Ranger XLT, with Ford Pass and Android Auto when connected, with that godawful Sirius XM satellite radio hounding me about a subscription in several different ways, when I just want to be connecting my smart phone to the truck for audio. I've heard you can remove it with this FORscan thing. Is this true?

If so, is it a clean uninstall? Can I utterly annihilate every trace of that godamn sirius garbage off of the computer, without any notion of it ever existing?
Or am I only able to merely wipe the audio sources, and it will still bother me about subscriptions and so forth? Would you suppose Ford will have automatic periodic 'updates' to the firmware, including reversing the removal of this parasite?
(I never agreed to do business with that company, so it's either sirius or the truck. I've already told Ford that. This thing is going to die one way or the other).
Some other frustrations that I would like solved:
Can I rearrange (the hopefully remaining) audio sources with FORscan?
Can I remove the warning pop up about "your smart phone is not connected"?
Can I remove the 'door open' chime that never shuts up?
Can I reconfigure how the volume adjustments behave on the screen?
Can I make the smart phone the first available priority audio source at all times?
Can I make the pause button keep audio paused when selecting prev/next track? (Remove auto-play)
Can I make the play/pause button on the console work the first time without having to touch the screen?
Can I remove the 'audio source not available' when it clearly is?
Can I remove the constant messages on my smart phone: 'Ford truck wants access to your contacts, etc.'?
Can I configure the heat so when I used air conditioning before, I don't have to hit the + button a hundred and fifty times to get it back to heat. ?
Can I configure the remote start to actually enable heated seat on setting 1, like it says it is supposed to?
Can I remove the remote start auto shut off?

So I guess it's more than just the sirius xm issue that's going to make me tell Ford where they can go and how to get ther (Not to mention the broken transmission, but that's a different forum).
Anyone who knows if these things are possible to fix with FORscan, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
Don Ridley
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Re: Kill Sirius XM Radio

Post by Don Ridley »

You are asking for a lot of info on a truck that's not a experts on your specific vehicle are scarce. Forscan can only make configuration changes that have been originally programmed by the factory but not included in the package you purchased or maybe disallowed in your country but allowed elsewhere.

So look at your list and see if there are things you know to be available in other Rangers...these may be configurable by Forscan

Google "Forscan F-150 spreadsheet" to what types of changes the F-150 guys discovered. Search YouTube and this forum for details once you identified an option that can be changed.

Connect Forscan to your truck to see what's available but minor screen or button changes are not possible. You should be able to delete the satellite radio by setting a configuration parameter for the system that does not include sat radio.
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