kuga 2016 parking sensor not working

Any issues related to FORScan application
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kuga 2016 parking sensor not working

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hello, i'm new here so please forgive me if i do something wrong. i'm the owner of a ford kuga titanium awd 2016, that came with rear parking sensors. today i worked on it a bit with forscan and did stuff like add the sat nav, enable start and stop and little things like that.
when i was finished i and i went to park the car i realized that the parking sensors(only rear fitted from factory) worked as i could see them on video but they dont beep anymore. now i'm terrified that by mistake i changed something and have no idea how to fix it. i looked online, but couldn't find much about it. thank you in advance
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Re: kuga 2016 parking sensor not working

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The very first thing anyone using Forscan should do after connecting to the car is to save the config in each module. I'm guessing you didn't, luckily you can download your original asbuilt from Motorcraft.com/asbuilt.
Then change back whatever you changed, hopefully this should restore your parking sensors
You should also check if theres any fault codes present, if so clear them noting the code see if they return back again.
Good luck
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