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Where is Forscan getting these PIDs from, if there are no sensors?

Posted: Fri Jan 31, 2020 4:52 pm
by Baldo Mero
I am a new user of Forscan 2.3.28 in a 2019 Mazda Mx-5 and I have observed that among the supported PIDs there are Oil temperature and pressure (EOT and EOP). To my surprise, these values are actually supported and they appear to be credible (e.g., they are distinct to the engine coolant values and evolve accordingly to the driving conditions). The surprise comes from the fact that this car does not seem to have fitted any oil temperature sensor, and just an oil pressure switch. So my assumtion is that these are calculated values. Is it possible to know how these values are calculated or obtained? is this a forscan calculation or an actual PID query that is sent to the car ECU? If the later is the case, is it possible to know the parameters of these PID? I would be interested on using these as custom PIDs for on-board display of these values in a different project. I am not very used to Forscan yet but I have not seen an obvious way to obtain information on how the custom/embedded PIDs are configured or to discriminate sensors values from calculated values.