Remote start - menu question, climate controls

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Remote start - menu question, climate controls

Post by hall » Wed Jan 29, 2020 2:27 pm

Is the following something that FORScan could do or does this require deeper, module programming ? What I'm referring to is with remote starters and in the climate control options menu, on some vehicles, the options are "Auto" and "Off" for, say, "Heated seats-driver". Other times I've seen references to "Last used" and "Off". In fact, with our car, I want to say "Front defrost" has last-used/off choices while the seats have auto/off choices. Is it possible to have

Last used

as well ? It seems that the 'auto' setting is not always reliable for some people. In my case, our heated seats are set to "auto" but don't turn on no matter how cold it is. Here, and if we remember, "Last used" would be ideal.

'14 Ford Fusion, aftermarket remote start (emulates factory system)

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