How do I map FORScan Live Data to reality?

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How do I map FORScan Live Data to reality?

Post by mprowe » Wed Jan 29, 2020 1:41 pm

I have captured a few moments of "Live Data" from a Ford Galaxy. The data has two traces mapped against time.
The car was started part way through to see the running/not running values.
mainecu_vprw.png (45.64 KiB) Viewed 70 times
The first few line of the .CSV file that drew the above graph is:

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Time(ms);	MAINECUV(V);	VPWR(V)
0;		12.00;		-
0;		12.00;		12.14
16;		12.00;		12.14
47;		12.00;		12.14
The X Axis (Time), I can understand. But...

My Question is: What/Where are "MAINECU(V)" & "VPWR(V)"?
A "sticky" in one of the forums tells me that if using the "ALL" pseudo" profile there may be problems.
However, I have only selected from the PCM. Additionaly, that same "sticky" says that the module name prefix the sensor name.
For example PCM.VPWR or BCMii.VPRW. This is not fully implemented?. It seems that some do but many do not.

Regards, ~M~

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