ms-can vs scp

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Re: ms-can vs scp

Post by phnorris » Sat Sep 14, 2019 10:16 pm

I finally found an obdii adapter that works as described. Got it off eBay for cheap. I suspect it is a cheap Chinese knockoff but this one picks up all 3 of my data buses, scp, hs-can, and iso.

The only question I have is on my service literature it shows the instrument cluster on both the hs-can and scp data buses. FORScan only shows the IC on the hs-can.

Is this how it's suppose to be??


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Re: ms-can vs scp

Post by tractmec » Tue Sep 17, 2019 2:25 am

Hi Phnorris

If it is anything like the 03 Expy, the IPC will show as connected to the same network as the PCM as the PCM is where the odometer/speedometer data is collected and is stored.

In my expy that is on the SPC/PWM Network and in your case it appears to be HSCan. Other functions are likely monitored from SCP communication sent to the IPC. Your pats programing could be in the IPC too and is likely if the red anti theft light is in the IPC and not on top of the dash.

My Expys IPC is also connected to the its UBP network and does not show there in Forscan or IDS. This, I think, is because the TPMS, VSM 4X4 and ABS are monitored by the IPC message center and seat belt warnings and door ajar warnings are also sent there. Yours modules that are not on HSCan are sent from the SCP and ISO to the ICP.
The IPC is communication central you might say, monitoring, on and from the same network as the PCM

If your IPC and or HSCan and or SCP are not reporting a U12XX DTC then there should be no communication problems and I would think there is little to be worried about as far as your last question is concerned.

My expy has an SCP failed Communication U12xx code with the IPC that I haven't been able to track down but i will keep looking!

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