Adding sensors to read with ForScan?

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Adding sensors to read with ForScan?

Post by jhovel » Tue Aug 13, 2019 11:57 am

My 2005 Mk6 Transit has no apparent sensors for engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, transmission temperature nor alternator current output.
I would like to monitor those variables while driving long distances.
I have an android display instead of radio which runs Forscan lite just fine. So I monitor manifold pressure, cylinder head temperature, fuel quantity desired and alternator voltage already.
Is it possible to add inputs into forscan light from non-original sensors and display them as virtual gauges on the console screen?
Could this be done using any of the unused OBD pins in the Transit?
What format would that input have to have?

Secondly, is it possible to customise (rename) the virtual gauge labels in the console screen?
I would also customise the values displayed. For example the total manifold pressure, by deducting atmospheric pressure so it displays boost pressure?
If that was possible, could I use the fuel quantity desired value (which is in mg) to calculate current fuel consumption in l/100km instead? Maybe even have a numerical display of average fuel consumption (that I can reset from time to time)?

Lastly, is it possible on an android pad landscape screen to remove the sidebar off the console screen? e.g. have it shrink into the margin?


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