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Post by sanchezadann » Thu Jul 18, 2019 1:04 am

----THIS WAS DONE ON A 2014 Ford F150 3.7L V6----
I'm sure it's the same with other Ford vehicles. This is LITERALLY what dealerships or other companies would do to remove mykey. They would make you buy a blank key, cut it, program it, and remove mykey with the new key from the settings. You don't need an "admin" key. All you need to do is program a new key and use that key to clear all mykeys

To all those that have only 1 original key and has "MYKEY" enabled.
-Speed is limited to 80mph
-Volume is limited to 14
-Radio stations are blocked
-Radio cuts off if seat belt is not on

I wasn't able to find any bit of information on how to properly disable mykey so I decided to write this post for anyone in need that is having the same issue I was having. It sucked. You DON"T have to pay out HUNDREDS of dollars to Ford dealership or other companies. This took me literally 15 min (including the 10 min security clearance wait time which you'll read about more down the post).
It's really simple to remove. All you need are the following items:

1)Laptop with Windows (preferably latest version)
2)Download the latest version of FORSCAN ( 1 year license $10 or you can get the 2 month free trial)
3)Blank transponder key that is already cut ( Purchased this key on Amazon for $20.00
and got it cut at a store called Liberty Lock & Safe for $4.00 https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06XS ... UTF8&psc=1 )
3)Bluetooth OBD II ( This is the one I used, cost $10.00 on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Kitbest-Bluetoot ... 87&sr=1-10 )

Total coast: $34.00 - $44.00 (If you decide to purchase the 1 year license)

After you have everything listed, begin by connecting the OBD II to your vehicle and connect your laptop to it.

Open FORSCAN and on the bottom left of the program you should see something that looks like a connection (if you put your mouse over it it"ll say "Connect to vehicle"). Click on that and answer the questions it asks about your vehicle. You'll know its complete once it stops loading information on the program and the screen stays still.

After that is complete, on the left had side you'll see 8 big pictures. Click on the wrench (It will say "Service Functions" if you put your mouse over it).

Click on "BdyCM PATS programming" and on the bottom left click on the play icon and hit "ok". Make sure your PROGRAMMED key is in the ignition and set to ON but do not have the vehicle running, then hit "ok" again. Leave the key as is. Do not turn it off the vehicle or remove the key.

Once inside the PATS, you are going to click on "Ignition Key Programming". After that it will tell you set ignition to off position, remove current programmed key, insert new UNPROGRAMMED key into the ignition, and set it to the on position. Again, DO NOT turn key all the way that it turns on the vehicle. It is crucial that the engine remains off. You are only going as far as turning on the electrical system of the vehicle (right before it turns over to start the engine)

Once the above step is completed, the program will have to do a security check which will take appx. 10 min (could take a little more or a little less). Once complete your new key will be programmed the system will ask you to cycle your key (turn completely off then back to the "ON" position) then it will tell you to turn engine on (REMINDER: this is all being done with new key).

Now that you have your new key programmed and the vehicle on from the previous step, go to your settings on your dash, then scroll down to "MYKEY" and clear all mykeys. This will clear all programmed keys that have MYKEY enabled.

Essentially all you're doing is adding a new programmed key into the vehicle PATS system. In my situation, when I purchased my F150 I only received 1 key form the dealership. The key I received was an admin key but since you can't disable mykey from the same key (If you were able to it would be totally pointless) and I only had 1 key, I was shit out of luck until I figured this out. This is literally what dealerships do when you go to them with this problem. I looked over a bunch of forums, viewed a lot of videos, and none of them were helpful at all. From what I could tell, this is the ONLY way of doing it yourself.


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