Help. Airbag light stuck on now

Any issues related to FORScan application
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Help. Airbag light stuck on now

Post by Dustin96 »

Hi guys, I have a 2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost. This is my first car and I am new to Forscan.

I installed my new set of wheels a few months back and everything was fine. I decided to try inputting the new wheel specs into Forscan so that my speedometer and my mileage will read accurate. These are the 3 things I did:

- Updated the tire specs from 195/60r/15 to 205/40r/17
- Updated the rolling circumference to 1870mm (Don't recall what the stock one was)
- Disabled the TPMS

Now there is an airbag light on in my cluster. I tried to go back and put the settings back to stock but it still won't go away. I might've did the rolling circumference wrong because I don't recall what the stock one was. The options given don't match 100%.

Now when I try to go back into those menus I get these messages (see pictures):
I'm not sure what they mean exactly and I'm scared to make things worse. Will this put the settings back to stock? I didn't save any of the originals which I obviously should have because now I have no OEM backup to go back to. I now have 2 profiles and they both give me those same messages. If I delete both profiles, will it go back to stock and start over?

I have also attached a picture of the codes that are showing.
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Re: Help. Airbag light stuck on now

Post by Ecmbuster »

This is interesting, images posted sideways.
Next trip around the block, try this tool.
Snipping Tool.JPG
Snipping Tool.JPG (63.81 KiB) Viewed 114 times
2015 Ford Fiesta 1.0L Ecoboost

ABS - C1137:64-60 - Reverse Gear Switch: Signal Plausibility Failure
RCM - U2300:64-BB - Central Configuration: Signal Plausibility Failure
IPC - B10EA:00-48 - ??
IPC - U2101:00-08 - Control Module Configuration Incompatible - RAM Corrupted
BdyCM - B10A6:92-08 - ??
BdyCM - U2101:00-08 - Control Module Configuration Incompatible - RAM Corrupted

Trick question 1 - did at least keep the previous scan before attempting the "upgrade"? = No
Trick question 2 - did you save the original data before the changes? = No

It would appear another "spreadsheet" disaster from another site.
Go here and use your VIN.
Download the file.
Scrape that page and copy / paste into a word processor. Save it and print.
Go to each controller and match the As-Built on the screen to the printed sheet. Write the correct data.
Exit FORScan and when done, cycle the key once OFF to ON. Enter FORScan again and delete all faults.
Cycle the key once OFF to ON and recheck the faults.
If the faults return, those specific controllers need to be re-flashed via dealer equipment.
Post your results.
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Re: Help. Airbag light stuck on now

Post by Dustin96 »

Hi, I really appreciate your response.

I printed out the as-built data as you suggested. The only error I found was in row 726-08-02. I fixed it and when I hit ‘write all’, i got a message saying:

“Warning! Dangerous Operation!
Blocks you try to write may contain central configuration. FORscan doesn’t calculate central configuration checksum in As Built mode, you have to do it manually.

Note! RFA (keyless) vehicles with incorrectly written configuration may get “bricked” (do not allow to turn the ignition ON).”

I’m not sure what to make of it so I wanted to see what you had to say.

Also, I noticed some of the data is missing on my papers compared to everything that is shown in Forscan. Ex. The as-built data on my papers is missing 726-07-01 through 726-07-07, so I have no way of knowing if that info is correct.

Also, it’s annoying that my pictures uploaded sideways. On my screen everything normal. I apologize.
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Re: Help. Airbag light stuck on now

Post by RogerD1959 »

I don't know if this will help. I have a 2016 Platinum Expedition E.L. and the Airbag light is also stuck on with my vehicle. About a year and a half ago a drunk, uninsured, unlicensed driver hit me head-on while I was stopped at a traffic light. Part of what that idiot tore up was all that structure behind all the pretty plastic, the Fascia, bumper, and some Titanium part that is a bear to get out of Ford and only on the Platinum trim level. While the crash did not set off any of the vehicle's airbags and the sensors did not appear to be compromised. LOL, ROF! It's like Holiday Ford told me, we don't want to assume they will work, guess they will work, or wonder if they will work, THEY GOTTA WORK! GOD FORBID THEY EVER NEED TO! So all that was replaced. I don't know detailed your car's onboard intellect is but on the Expedition if there is a button, sensor, almost anything an electrical current runs through it will blabbermouth that data to FORScan, OBDLink, Dash Command, or Torque OBD software. Mine is giving me a P-Code, I don't recall the number, but it says there is an issue with the driver's side stage two airbag deployment sensor. I will look into this more later today when the sun comes up! But somewhere in the software, it reports the impedance in ohms across that circuit, actually, it does this for each of the airbag sensors. Therefore I have been advised by my vehicle's onboard intellect that the resistance across that circuit on the driver's side is notably higher than what I am seeing on the passenger side. Yes, I know things can fail prematurely, but given that I live in the upper Midwest where salt is not only on the dinner table, it's everywhere during the winter months! I am suspecting corrosion, or possibly a connection that may be working loose. Now if I take it to the dealership, they will simply replace it because they have that spiffy P-Code telling them the sensor has an issue. And I am the annoying owner that wants to know what caused the issue! Now before I turn it over to them, get another semi-self-driving Ford Edge to entertain myself with for the day, or days. God forbid months if it has a tiny chip in it! I am going to check the connection, make sure it is free of corrosion, crud, and did they put that dielectric grease inside the electrical connector to keep it from oxidizing, corroding? As that is where I think the fault is. BUT I WARN YOU, Do not open the hood and snatch the airbag sensor electrical connectors off the sensors, more often than not you will set off the airbag or airbags as you unplug them or try to plug them back up! And you have turned an inspection into a multi-thousand dollar repair your car insurance company isn't going to pay for! Before unplugging the airbag sensors to check the connection for corrosion or loose fit.

DISCONNECT THE VEHICLE'S BATTERY FIRST! MAKE SURE YOU SECURE THE TERMINAL LEADS SO THERE IS NO CHANCE OF THEM ACCIDENTALLY BRUSHING BACK ACROSS THE BATTERY TERMINAL, WITH ANY ROCKING MOTION YOU MAY IMPART ON THE VEHICLE WIGGLING AND JIGGLING CONNECTORS APART. WAIT, WE'RE NOT DONE, YOU NEED TO LET THE VEHICLE SIT FOR A WHILE WITH THE BATTERY DISCONNECTED. TO LET ANY RESIDUAL ELECTRICITY IN THE CIRCUITRY BLEED OFF. SIMILAR TO WHAT YOU DO WHEN YOU RESET A COMPUTER'S CMOS OR BIOS, ONLY THIS IS MUCH LARGER IN SCALE. THE SERVICE WRITER AT THE DEALERSHIP HERE SAID 20 TO 30 MINUTES! Well to err on the side of abundant caution, after I make sure there is not some kind of airbag battery hiding away in there somewhere, I will probably disconnect the battery just before I turn in for the night, then fiddle with things in the morning. Later today I will try and see exactly where you need to look in the software for those resistance readings.
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