Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Andyfocus »

havent tried to update filmware since the update , may still be able to do it depending on if they locked it down , you will get some thing with the filmware (not gonna say what it is ) , that did enable to do everything except obviously the new pats system as it doesnt support it and you have to use the new software for that. you can still do everything else , if you unlock the image and put the software needed on it then even if they restrict it you can still do it as it is now on the machine and it doesnt need to download it .
i am the same as you just a forscan user still learning .
The search function is there for a reason use it.
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Nacka »

Hello everyone! :)

I tried Forscan for he first time with my JDiag Elite 2 Pro. Here are some infos about it:

Bus Protocols
CAN Bus (capable of ISO 15765, GMLAN, J1939, and ISO14229)
2nd CAN (Dual or Single Wire)
Ford SCP (J1850PWM)
GM Class2 (J1850VPW)
KWP2000 (ISO9141/14230)
Chrysler SCI (J2610)

Compliant to SAE J2534 (Feb 2002) and SAE J2534-1 (Dec 2004) SAE J2534-2 (Dec 2014)
Compliant to ISO 22900-1 MVCI physical layer
Programming voltage on J1962 pin 6, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 or Aux
6 General purpose analog inputs (0-27V, 2Ksps, 12 bit)
Ground pins 9, 12, or 15
Internal Compact Flash slot (must be configured when ordering)
Optional external Compact Flash slot

I tried it with the car of my friend. He have a Mazda 3.
Reading the module and DTC is working but i cant connect to the module for coding. Is there a protocol missing?

I attached the logs i found on Forscan and hope, it can help.

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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Nutloose »

Connected perfect with GM MDI 2 and functioned well.
Volvo DICE was visible and available in the options but I haven't tried with that yet.
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by natech1 »

i have noregon dla plus i try help
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by crownvic »

will the mongoose gm proII j2534 work?
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by wgokug22 »

kredka74 wrote:
Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:24 pm
I just try forscan with MAXISYS ELITE VCI thrue usb and j2534, all working fine and stable!

Hello Bob.
the fordscan software does not connect with my j2534 maxiflah elite. how did you do it? Thank you
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by HDGENE »

I tried to hook up a vcm II and I instaled the Bosch software so the vcm connect window popped up with a red no go circle thru it saying underneath it needs to update PC s/w? So does this mean it has to have the license for it to work or is there a work around for that with FORSCAN?
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by dstirrup »

Questions on J2534-2 programming voltage for older Fords.

1. Does FORscan deal with the whole mixed J2534-2 & J1850 protocol issue for slightly older Fords module programming?

2. Does anyone know if the 2018 FVDI J2534 diagnostic tool has support for the 18v J1850 programming voltage to write to older modules?

3. At the heart of this is that I want to find a reasonably price J2534 + J1850 interface that works well with FORscan IF there are any good current suggestions rather than 3 years ago thoughts as the market has changed.

I expect this is needed for proper J2534-2 module updates for some older cars (pre 2010) that have to mix the standards.

This point about having a real 18v to do programming is a real problem for the clone VCM2's and I am hoping that STIC, if implemented, have not messed this up.

I did read on MHH an obscure reference to changing a capacitor on clone VCM2's to fix the programming voltage issue that plagues many. Apparently this capacitor is near the co processor on the 2nd PCB daughter board but I don't have any more info than that and wish I knew the details. My first presumption is that the capacitor is not uF large enough to handle the surge currents needed for programming so the voltage sags.

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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by Bballard1983 »

So I have a simple question which may have already been answered. I have a complete autel maxis elite set with the j2534 I tried for hours yesterday to get it to work. I know the j works on my 14 150 but my pc showed a red x over my device. So what’s next?
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Re: Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2.*

Post by jmueller200384 »

I can confirm that a Mongoose Pro Ford J2534 tool works with HS-CAN but no MS-CAN was detected on any of my vehicles. :(
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