Modifying an OBDLINK SX USB Adapter for HS/MS-CAN relay managed by RTS

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Modifying an OBDLINK SX USB Adapter for HS/MS-CAN relay managed by RTS

Post by FORScan » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:59 am

As everyone knows, modern Ford, Lincoln and Mazda models require an adapter with MS-CAN support. MS-CAN is not a part of OBDII standard, so stock ELM327 and compatible adapters do not have it. As a result, majority of our users have to either use china ELM327 adapters with mechanical HS/MS CAN switch, or purchase expensive solutions with built-in MS-CAN support like OBDLink MX or ELS27. All these options have their drawbacks:
  • China ELM327 use non-original ELM327 chip and other components. Their quality is not always stable (adapter purchased today may be fine, adapter purchased tomorrow may be defective). As a result, in majority of cases it is not possible (too risky) to use it for operations that require long time of work under high load, for example on firmware update. Besides, mechanical HS/MS switch is not convenient and, that’s more important, doesn’t fit requirements for certain service functions that require simultaneous access to HS and MS CAN buses.
  • Solutions like OBDLink MX BT/MX+ and ELS27 are much more expensive. For some reason, Scantool doesn’t offer an adapter with USB interface and MS-CAN support, and wireless solutions are not optimal for operations like firmware update. ELS27 is also very expensive, original is manufactured in Russia so long period of delivery to US and some other countries. company manufactures OBDLink SX adapter with USB interface. It has significant advantages:
  • Against china ELM327: OBDLink SX contains original Scantool chip of known quality. Quality of the adapter is good and stable. Adapter has much higher USB interface speed than ELM327 adapters (2Mbps vs 0.5 Mbps).
  • Against OBDLink MX: OBDLink SX is much cheaper (cost is equivalent to OHP ELM327) and much faster (as has USB interface that is much faster than wireless one)
    Against ELS27: OBDLink SX is much cheaper, faster delivery.
So the only serious drawback of OBDLink SX is that it doesn’t support MS-CAN. Jon Vilagy, one of FORScan users, has solved this problem. He modified OBDLink SX adapter for MS-CAN and successfully updated IPC firmware on Lincoln MKZ 2014 with this adapter (IPC module for this model resides on MS-CAN). This gentleman kindly agreed to create an instruction for this modification, we are attaching it here.

Modifying an OBDLINK SX OBD-II USB Adapter for use with FORScan (PDF)

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Re: Modifying an OBDLINK SX USB Adapter for HS/MS-CAN relay managed by RTS

Post by elektronik12 » Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:51 pm

How to recognize if your interface is original or from China. I bought in Poland and I paid a lot of green color

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