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FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 3:46 am
by Exploder
Crossover v18 Update - 2018-10-16
I just wanted to update this post for the latest version of Crossover.
Crossover has been updated to v18. If you have not purchased you can using the checkout CX36 to get 36% off the purchase. ... dium=email
Offer ends Oct 23, 2018 at Midnight.
Personally I bought the single with no support, and was outside of my 30 day satisfaction guarantee so that was just my luck.
I purchased the update (1 yr support) as there might be some more updates still to come.
The Upgrade went without issue and FORScan started and appears to work as expected.

Original Post
I wanted to post that I have FORScan running under OSX using the Crossover App.
The Crossover App has a cost of $39.95 (SEP-2018) but there is a trial version which works for a short period of time.
The app is simply a build of Wine which is free, but needs to be complied to run on OSX, so this is a simpler way to accomplish this with minimal learning.FORScan is free, and the usefulness is AMAZING but it is nice to be able to run it on a MAC without Bootcamp or Virtualization like VMWare (more expensive).

I hope that this helps some users and can be published as a method for users to use the product on OSX with minimal expense and time invested. This is the least I can do for the help that I have gotten from the Forum.

1) Download FORScan (Latest Version, known working with 2.3.16 Beta as of SEP-2018)
2) Install Crossover
3) Start Crossover
4) Click on "Install a Windows Application" at the bottom of the screen
5) Type in "FORScan", Press Enter, Select "Unlisted application for FORScan", Click Continue
6) Click "Choose Installer File...", browse to the installer file you downloaded in step 1, Click Continue
7) Click Install
8) Installer will run, Follow the standard FORScan Installer Screens (Basically Accept the Defaults and click Next), Click Finish, Click Done in Crossover
9) In the Crossover App you will see the "FORScan" listed
10) Double-Click to Run

  • Highlight and add to Favorites to put in top bar for quick access.
    When it is running you can do a normal "Keep in Dock".
    FORScan will run as it does in Windows.
    If you need to copy any configuration files to the "C Drive", right click on FORScan under bottles, Open C: Drive.
    You can copy a License File for this also.
    You will need to generate a new license file based on the hardware ID.
    Crossover can be buggy at times, and sometimes hangs when you exit the program, this sometimes requires a Force Quit of Crossover, Wine and FORScan from the OSX Apple Menu.
    This was tested with a WIFI ELM327, with MS/HS Switch and worked as expected when the MAC was connected to the ELM. I have not tested with USB ODBII Device
    I have personally used this and it works, but as always backup any modules if you are changing them in the even of a crash.
2016 Sport, Unleashed Tune, Other FORScan Mods

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 4:32 pm
by ryanynh
Thats awesome. I was struggling to get it to work on my MBP. Have you been able to add the extended license? If so, can you detail how? That was my big issue. Im not grasping the whole bottle concept. Thanks and great work!

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:14 pm
by Exploder
I typed it in.
You can read on crossovers docs how to make a share.
But you can just copy and paste.

But a previous license won’t work, because this hardware identifier or what ever is different.
Request one based in the data that FORScan provides inside the bottle.

Also the bottle is just a stupid phrase for a canister, which is synonymous for virtual devices, it’s rhe file that is the “hard disk” and other bits that are used to configure the virtual machine.

It is simply a virtual machine running a single app, but with wine it knows that it has to install some other critical back end files like usb driver enularors and network adapter and such.

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:15 pm
by remltr
Ok Exploder great job.

I have a couple questions:

Doing the Crossover trial on my Apple laptop.

Got everything dowloaded and I think I have all that I need, but when I load the new license which I downloaded this morning, and which I copied into the C: drive Forscan folder, it seems to accept it and Forscan reboots, but does not show an extended license, just shows the standard license. Not sure why that is. Maybe you noticed the same in your installation. My license that I have on my PC shows my name and an expiration date.

EDIT: I think I may have downloaded the wrong license. I redownloaded and I now see the extended license information.

Also since I am copying over my abt folder from the PC laptop which folder should that go into so that I don't have to dig through folders to get to the data?

The reason I am switching over from the PC laptop is because it is super under powered and slow.

EDIT: What Elm327 OBD2 device are you using? I can't get my MX to connect to my Macbook Pro. Is there a bluetooth connection protocol within Crossover?

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:21 am
by Exploder
Not sure where to copy the previous data you had. I'd try to copy to a USB then to the Windows Box.
I haven't dug into Crossover enough to see where the files live.
I shared a folder with the Crossover Bottle and then put my data in there. Don't remember how I shared that. :/
But if you do a file open, you should be able to find a folder tree and fund the MAC Desktop.

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 3:24 am
by Exploder
Truthfully you could use Wine to do the same thing, but you have to compile it to run on OSX. That's what Crossover uses, hence the "bottle".
I just paid the cost for the app, since I got MS Project to run in it also (mostly it crashes some) and I need that and get paid to use it.
I also made a bottle for IE and the sh*t plugin's that most IP Cameras need for configuration.
I should make one for Doom, lol.

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:06 pm
by remltr
Thanks for the response.

Can you tell what OBD device you are using with your Mac and Forscan function? I don't see a compatible device out there.

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Mon Oct 15, 2018 5:17 pm
by Exploder
Sorry I forgot to respond to that.
I have this one from Amazon:
I actually have 2 of them.
It is WIFI so I connect the MAC to the WiFi Adapter while I am using the application.
Crossover should get an IP Address from the ODBII Adapter just like a router.
Mind you when you are connected, you won't have internet access, so you will need to stage everything you need or you will be going back and forth from the ODBII to your Home Network.

Also, just a side note, before I got all this working, I bought a Lenovo Miix 2 - 8 on Ebay for $50 which is a windows 10 tablet that can connect to the Wifi adapter. I have FORScan on it also but since the MAC worked well, I just continued to use the MAC since it has a keyboard and such.
The tablet works, but touch screen makes it a little more difficult to work with.
It is however a nice device for Gauge Display, being 8"

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:27 pm
by Exploder
I updated the original post to include information about the v18 release of Crossover.

Re: FORScan for OSX in 10 Steps

Posted: Wed Oct 17, 2018 10:36 am
by remltr
I got the updated version for a little over $25.00 with the discount.

This works great. So glad you posted all this. Thank you very much.