OHP w/ Forscan

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OHP w/ Forscan

Post by ChillyCat » Sat Nov 11, 2017 7:15 am

the : OHP Ford ELMconfig USB device 500kbit/s ELM327 compatible interface with MS-CAN switch for Forscan FoCCCus Mazda OBD2 diagnostics

I installed the Forscan and appears to be functioning. Haven't got the xtended licence yet

All this......just to eliminate hyper-flashing at the four corners, bought [LEDS]

Read somewhere tonight, this combo of hardware and software not working. TRUE/FALSE ? Of course the advise was to insert resistors with each bulb, the same ole fix that's been floating around for many years. [too many years]

T0 anyone who's had positive results with this OHP Ford ELMconfig setup.....appreciate you passing along the news to me.
Bout time programmable electronics replaces scotch locks an resistors.......
2014 F150

UPDATE: Of course it works. Bye-Bye, you fast flashing foo. Once advanced licence is applied to Forscan, the world of manipulation opens up.
Seeing photos of "scotch lock" installs, and relying on Chinese resistors to perform hyper-flashing fixes....was not something i'd install in my truck. [anyones truck]
For a paltry sum of $29 [OHP USB], allows you to modify with proven software, and a user forum that supports the hardware.

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