ELM327 Bluetooth Clone 1.4 Questions

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ELM327 Bluetooth Clone 1.4 Questions

Post by HiQ » Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:29 am

So I recently purchased a 2009 Ford Escape V6 AWD with only one key. While pricing out the cost for the dealer to program an additional one, I stumbled upon someone talking about FORScan. This software looks amazing! Now I have an old ELM327 1.4 bluetooth adapter (no switch) that I purchased off eBay years ago that I found in my junk drawer. I ran ELM327 Identifier on it and got the following results:

Everything 1.4 and lower was supported

ATAMT20 2.0
ATCRA 1.4b
ATCSM0 1.4b
ATCSM1 1.4b
ATCTM5 2.1
ATCTM1 2.1
ATIB12 2.2
ATIB15 2.2
ATIFR6 2.2
ATIFR5 2.2
ATIFR4 2.2
ATJHF0 1.4b
ATJHF1 1.4b
ATJTM5 1.4b
ATJTM1 1.4b
ATSH000007E0 2.0

Will I need any of those above unsupported commands or a switch to be able to program the PATS key with extended license? I'm sure I could figure out how to wire up a switch on this thing, but if I can get the PATS module to run as is I'll get the key programmed before messing around with it.

I also am exclusively Mac at my house, so I've been trying to get the wine version up and running without much success. I decided to just run a Win10 Virtualbox instead, but I also haven't had any luck getting the adapter to connect under it either. I may try finding someone with a windows laptop that has bluetooth and give it a go. I assume it'll be much easier in the long run, but I wouldn't mind figuring out how to run it on this MacBook air (MacOS 10.13). Any advice on getting it working or I should probably start a new thread on that topic alone?

Thanks to anyone that can offer some advice/help!

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Vehicle: 2009 Ford Escape V6 AWD

Re: ELM327 Bluetooth Clone 1.4 Questions

Post by HiQ » Tue Oct 31, 2017 3:15 am

Okay I found a bluetooth receiver and used an old Windows 7 laptop to great success. I managed to program a new PATS key. Thank you very much FORScan! I'm just wondering what else I could access with a decent ELM327? Maybe I'll check into that in the future.

Anyone know how to get this thing working on a Mac though? I assume bootcamp would be the easiest, but I'd rather not go that route. Anyone had success with Virtualbox and bluetooth and can help me out? Thanks again!

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