OBDLink & Kiwi discount for FORscan forum members

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Re: OBDLink & Kiwi discount for FORscan forum members

Post by stimpy88 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 3:35 pm

I would never buy an OBDLink product, not after the issues they had with their MX WiFi adaptor, and the fact that it does not work, more than 3 YEARS later. They are even STILL selling it! And not to mention that there is a critical issue with the new firmware for the MX Bluetooth adaptor, that they "promise" will be fixed in the next firmware release. Hopefully it wont take over 3 years with no resolution, like the MX WiFi adaptor.

I just checked their forum, which is very well hidden on their site now, and their staff are STILL trying to say that a new firmware will be coming out for the MX WiFi, but no release date is planned, that crap is from august of THIS year, and STILL has not been released!

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