2004 F150 Missing MS-CAN pin

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2004 F150 Missing MS-CAN pin

Post by fuxxy » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:43 pm

I'm attempting to interface with the audio system on my F150, and from everything I've read, my truck SHOULD have the MS-CAN network. However, the pins do not appear to be populated on the OBD2 port!

2004 F-150 SuperCrew 4WD Lariat (new body style)
I have the information center on my instrument console.

Does it sound feasable to locate the connections to the MS-CAN+ and MS-CAN- and wire them to the appropriate ports on my OBD2 port? I've already modified my ELM327 adapter with the switch.
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Re: 2004 F150 Missing MS-CAN pin

Post by tractmec » Tue Apr 11, 2017 1:03 am

All the pins your truck should have are in the holes they are supposed to be in. Unfortunately if 2004 F150's are like my 2005 there is no MSCan on these years as these trucks were using Uart based protocol (UBP) on Pin 3, ISO/Kline on pin 7 And HSCAN + on Pin 6 with HSCAN - on Pin 14. 12V+ or System voltage is on Pin 16 and system and Data ground on pins 4 and 5. My 2005 F150 computer data line diagram has no data line connected from any audio system to the OBD Connector. Yours looks the same as mine so it is likely this is what you have.

Modified ELM327 will only read HSCAN/MSCAN and ISO/SCP/KLINE. Experiments with UBP on ELM devices have proven so far to be impossible. If you plug in a modified ELM327 device you may get a query about an ISO/SPC/UBP switch but Forscan will not read anything in UBP position even if the switch is shifted.

My 2003 Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition also has no connection from the audio system to the ODB connector as the data line diagram shows it as being self contained as far as set up is concerned. It has its own built in data system. This vehicle has no HSCAN as All Protocols are ISO/Kline/SCP on Pins 2, 7 and 10 And UBP on pin 3. UBP is a single line protocol so there is no corresponding pin like there is on HSCAN/MSCAN hence pin 11 will be missing in these trucks.

The only adapters that will read UBP currently are Ford VCMII,177-C and C1 VCMII China Clones and CantieCar in J2534 passthru mode.

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