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*Review* - Vscan STN1170 V3 USB from Viaken With Auto MS-CAN

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 7:04 pm
by stimpy88
Hello all, I just wanted to make a very quick review based on my findings of the Vscan STN1170 v3 CAN-BUS USB adaptor from Viaken, which I am using using on my 2008 Mondeo MK4 2.0TDCi 140.

I received the package, which includes a Driver CD which also contains a manual in the Polish language, but there are plenty of pictures, however I was not too concerned, as I'm not new to this kind of technology, and already knew where to download the latest (v2.12.18) FTDi VCP USB driver (Linux and MacOS are also supported). I downloaded the "Setup Executable" version, the link is located on the right of the page, installation was fast and painless on my 64Bit Windows 10 system. The adaptor shipped with FTDi firmware version 3.3.1, which is the latest available, there have been no updates to this firmware since 2012, so it is fair to say that the firmware is no longer maintained, or is simply perfect, so make your own mind up on which it really is!

The adaptor itself is standard fare, looking like most of the larger USB based adaptors, but held together with screws instead of glue or simply pressed together. It has two (one red, one green) LED status lights to show transmit and receive activity, which like most adaptors are the located on the wrong side of the adaptor body, so they face the floor of the car, and not up when the adaptor is inserted in to the car's CAN port. The USB cable is good quality, and has a fairly large strain relief as the cable meets the adaptor. The USB cable is not removable.

I suggest that you install the FTDi VCP USB driver before connecting the adaptor to your computer, as Windows will have a far easier time of things that way. One other thing to remember is to go into the Device Manager in Windows, and double-click the VCP COM adaptor device, go to advanced, then select 1ms from the Latency Timer drop down list. This will ensure that ForScan connects to the adaptor at top speed.

After setting the adaptor up on my laptop, I setup ForScan to use the FTDi Connection Type, selected Auto-Connect, then ticked the Auto-Increase button,the other COM settings were left set to Auto, I then made sure to set MS-CAN Support to Auto.

After performing the above steps, the adaptor connected to the car at 200000 Baud rate (This is the rate ForScan chose, however I have yet to manually try faster speeds, I will update this when I have done more testing), and with 3ms input delay, which ForScan stated as being excellent. ForScan also reported no CAN communication errors.

One thing that was very nice, is that there are no prompts from ForScan to toggle any switches to access the MS-CAN, as the Vscan STN1170 does this automatically, with no user prompts, and no delays. Forscan then accessed every module in my car, and worked flawlessly. I also selected lots of PIDs from the PCM to display, and noted that the update rate of ForScan is much improved with this adaptor, so I would say that it runs about as fast as the car can provide the data to ForScan.

So far I can say that compared to my two other Chinese ELM clones with hardware MS/HS-CAN switches, the Vscan STN1170 is a big upgrade, both on speed and reliability. I can thoroughly recommend the purchase of this adaptor over a cheap Chinese ELM clone. Another thing to note is that this adaptor is stable and fast, and should provide a great environment to perform firmware flashing, and configuration updates using ForScan and other tools. The STN1170 is fairly good value, especially if you can negotiate the delivery costs with Viaken themselves.

I hope that some of you find this review helpful, please feel free ask any questions.

Re: *Review* - Vscan STN1170 V3 USB from Viaken With Auto MS

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 4:05 pm
by kevfal
Hi Stimpy88,
Did you buy the adaptor from Viaken directly or from a third party reseller?


Re: *Review* - Vscan STN1170 V3 USB from Viaken With Auto MS

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:26 pm
by stimpy88
Sorry for the late reply, if you still need info, have a look for a user called fred08155, he helped me out with this adaptor.

Re: *Review* - Vscan STN1170 V3 USB from Viaken With Auto MS

Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:51 pm
by fred08155
DonĀ“t know if he will read it (soon). He visited the forum on 6th of october 2016 last time. At least logged in.

I made a little bulk order in 2015 for a german Mondeo MK3 forum. I found out stimpy88 from FORScan forum was from our neighbour country Denmark and was searching for one of these adapters, too. So i asked him if he wants to join our bulk order.

The bulk order was a hard job for different reasons. I am sorry, i will not make a new bulk order. Maybe someone else from the Mondeo MK3 forum will make one.

These adapters are availble from manufacturer only which is located in Poland. So shipping costs even to Germany are very high. Also Viaken ships via express shipping only.

There are two downsides of the adapter i like to mention.
- The housing of the adapter is really large, larger (longer) than other adapters
- The plug is inserted kinda loose so may slip out of the OBD2 connector if you use it driving around.

Workaround for both issues is to use an OBD2 extension cable.