Where to buy a compatible adapter?

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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by dazboot »

I ended up buying the bbfly-BF32302 ELM327 USB modified FTDI Chip Forscan HS-CAN / MS-CAN Ford Mazda OBD2 adapter.

I can confirm this adapter works with Forscan. ELM327 v1.5. I was able to successfully program a second key.
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by TimFor »

As a courtesy for prospective users and a small sign of gratitude for all the info found here, I made an overview of what's written here. If I'm wrong, please explain. As for ELM adapters, I guess price says all about quality.

The ELM327, with all its known advantages, is an amateur level adapter designed for OBDII family of protocols. It was designed so good so can be used more widely, but this doesn't change the fact it is an amateur level device, that has lack of some features that are very desirable or even mandatory to work in full with modern Electronic Control Modules (ECUs). This statement above is generally applicable to the "derived" adapters, such as OBDLink MX or ELS27.
ELM327 is not capable of auto switching. But you can mod the adapter for auto switch with a minature relay and some more components. This modification will work with FORScan only. Note that Bluetooth components are more reliable than WiFi.

STN1170 based adapters like ELS27, Obdlink MX or Viaken "ELM V3" use another microcontroller that has more inputs than the one in the ELM 327 chipset. Here one input is hard wired to HS-CAN and another input is hard wired to MS-CAN. Microcontroller switches between inputs automatically if data from one of these inputs is requested. FORScan supports the STN11XX chip with a built-in MS-CAN bus support.
Should work, high quality products:
- Scantool OBDLink line https://www.scantool.net/scan-tools/pc-based/ $80 for Bluetooth MX + shipping from US
- Viaken STN1170, stn2120 http://viaken.pl/ no English site 43-70 EUR, price in PL + shipping from Poland
- ELS27 els27.ru $70 + shipping from Russia
- Elm-327.eu ELM327 2.1 USB, WiFi, Bluetooth 59€ + shipping from Romania
- http://www.totalcardiagnostics.com/shop ... 2-scantool Elm firmware v2.1 $37 + shipping from Australia

China clones that should work (so called "good" clones). Both PL2303 or FT232 are good if not counterfeit. In case of china clones, FTDI is generally preferable as usually more stable.
- http://www.fastinside.com no English site, €19 + shipping from Italy
- https://www.jamessimpson.co.uk/shop/modified-elm327/ full PCB £28 + shipping
- https://tunnelrat-electronics.fwscart.com/ USB, WiFI £17-27 + shipping
- eBay Black USB Modified ELM327 500k Elmconfig Forscan Ford FTDI chipset n £16 + from UK
- eBay OHP ELM327 USB Modified for Ford with FTDI Silcon Labs chip - MS-CAN support US $25 + $5 shipping
- www.bbflyobd.com bbfly-BF32302 PIC18F2480 + FTDI Chip USB or Bluetooth US $16 USB and $25 Bluetooth

Many say it works, but they don't claim to support MS CAN bus without modification
- iCar v2 WiFi, Bluetooth (v3 WiFi N) with power off EUR 18,99 or US $11.17
- BAFX OBD2 Apdater
- OBDLink SX ($29.95 but it doesn't support MS CAN bus)
- BB77102 Bluetooth only supports HS
- There's VintPro p/n VINT-TT55502 from the same company and site as bbfly, but it's chepear option without FTDI chips.

Not working or not supporting MS CAN bus. Cheap eBay/Alibaba/AliExpress clones will NOT display or WRONGLY display data for: EVAP, O2 and HO2, B1S1 Lambda data parameters.
- ELM327 v2.1 that's not a clone anymore, but it is also not ELM327 anymore and not really compatible: http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=22#p840
- bad clone of ELS27 marketed as "ELS27 FORScan" product: http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1904
- Super MINI or Mini Bluetooth Wireless OBD-II (transparent blue)
- F-Super is not based on ELM327, It is also not compatible with ELM327.
There is a device out there that is called "F-Super2" that has some features of ELM327 but does not support all protocols. F-Super 2 might work with FORScan but also may fail in some situations.

Ford specific diagnostics:
VCM-OBD II For Ford OBD2 Interface Cable clone? (Ford vehicles 1996-2010) US $15 - US $35
VCMII Full Chip IDS US $120
Vcm IDS 3
Ford UCDS Pro+

Support of J2534 (Pass-Thru) adapters in FORScan v2.2. - just an overview, see http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php? ... ilit=J2534
CanTieCar v3 Quite advanced adapter
Vetronix ES6510 working with Ford VODU
Actia XS
cardaq-m, CarDaq Plus and the CarDaq Plus 2.
nano vcx series, Vxdiag vcx nano Ford/Mazda (single board clone of VCM2) US $100

What I don't get is:
1 Forscan covers 180 modules http://www.forscan.org/modules_list.html. Do all those that work really work with all 180?
2 Do all those that "work" have full support., i.e. give OK or text (indicating supported) and not ? (indicating not supported) for all those commands in terminal, sent one by one:
ATI, ATPPS, ATPP2ASV38, ATE0, ATL0, ATH0, ATR1, ATST32, ATS0, ATAT1, ATCF700, ATCMF00+, ATI (as in http://forscan.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1575)
3 What's the advantage for simple users of pricier diagnostic tools and pass-through?
4 How do simple Ford-VCM OBD software or complex IDS software compare to Forscan?
5. Why doesn't Forscan licence or protects "Forscan compatible" or makes it's own adapters so that when adapter says "Forscan" that we are sure it's fully supported.
6. Can PIC18F2480 + FTDI in those cheaper (good) clones fully work?
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by adallos »

I bought this ELM327 at Aliexpress.
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/ELM327- ... 0.0.cMONdc
Does it work with FORScan or is it not compatible?

I thank you in advance!
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by Shvabo »

m3peran wrote:https://www.amazon.de/dp/B01F0GVBWY/ref=cfb_at_prodpg

Its Ohptm Ford Elmco 500 Kbit/s Nfig Printer Scanner ELM327 Interface with MS (Can Switch for fors Can Focus Mazda OBD2 Scan Tool
I tested it and it works on my Mazda 3, 2.2 Diesel 2009.
Hey m3Peran,

did you buy that one ? And does it work ? Because I ordert one too, to MOD my Fiesta 1.6 TDCI 2011.

Orderd it there: https://www.amazon.de/ELMconfig-ELM327- ... 2+Diagnose
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by IndustrialDon »

Found this one on Amazon for $29.99, received it today, and it worked perfectly on my 2015 F-150 Platinum:

OHP Ford ELMconfig USB device 500kbit/s ELM327 compatible interface with MS-CAN switch for Forscan FoCCCus Mazda OBD2 diagnostics

Keep in mind that you DO need the extended license.
Also, if you've already created a profile for your vehicle and said you don't have "a switch" on the adapter, delete the profile and create a new one.
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by lpgo »

The basic is fake in China。。
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by Jim1777 »

I recently purchased a usb Maozua interface from amazon under $30.00. Works well and pulls the $o6 codes also. Only thing i have noticed is that the rpm may be off by 70 rpm using forscan. Used another program and it read the same as my tach did. Have not got the extendend license yet to go farther. I know the headaches of wondering if your going to get a bad one. Got lucky the first try. This is an edit of above. Tach on vehicle exactly matches Forscan today. My error.
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by boovy »

http://www.obdexpress.co.uk :D :D :D
this is a good shop,they ship from UK.
and they has mobile version:m.obdexpress.co.uk
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by Helmetbox »

Is there a change in the software? I am trying to revert back to the original setting of my car. However there is an adapter can bus error. Previously I have no such issues.
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Re: Where to buy a compatible adapter?

Post by fgservo »

Don't buy from https://www.viaken.pl/

I pay, 2 weeks they told me. don't send outside Poland, send account number to refund.
This is day 10 july, no refund, i open a disput on day 17, they ask for account number, day 30 and still no refund.

So, PLEASE DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, if you live outside of Poland

147,59 zł = 34,57 Euro
Hope they choke with that money
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