Odd OBDLink MX+ Behaviour

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Odd OBDLink MX+ Behaviour

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I have an OBDLink MX+ working with an IPhone and Windows for over a year without issues. Except today …

I plugged in OBD and couldn’t see it in my BT list. Happens sometimes so I went to press the button to prompt a BT discovery and noticed that the HOST and OBD lights on the unit were alternating flashing. They did this for a good 2mins before I did a factory reset of the unit to see if that would fix it.

After the flash same issue with the flashing lights and I can’t discover this via Bluetooth and the BT light has not come on.

Has anyone has this behaviour before?
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Re: Odd OBDLink MX+ Behaviour

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The one I have works perfectly and understand your explanation clearly.
Contact support and they may have a possible solution.
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