Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by jaron2015 »

I recently bought a WiFi OBD2 off Amazon from Mestart and it connects fine but will not read vehicle. Just says error please turn vehicle on. I’ve tried to type the correct IP on a web browser and still no luck there either. Anyone purchased one from Mestart and had any luck?
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by aleaFS »

Hi, recently i buy a Vgate Pro WIFI with chip v2.1, Forscan say that 60 ms is bad, but it run very fast in opposite with my old obd2 v1.5.

Alone a problem, it doesn't has web page to encrypt communication by wifi, i try the iweb.asp and others without positive results.

Any idea before that i try change it by command AT?

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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by kimmysawi »

Wild E Coyote wrote:
Tue Jul 08, 2014 5:03 pm
I have the second OBD scanner (with the password 000000 and can't get it to desired response. It is always in 150 to 170 ms range and it causese forscan to hang and freeze. Any solution? see full extenze reviews here

Thanks in advance,
All of these are equally be decided to those apps stores :D :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by korayoz7 »

I have Elm327 obd2 wifi v1.5. ıp adress I can not find speed low please ıp adress
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by korayoz7 »

FORScan wrote:
Fri Jul 04, 2014 4:43 pm
We get complaints from users that the standard admin/admin access doesn't work for some of adapters that look like this:


Important finding of Grzegorz Milaszkiewicz: right password for such adapters is '000000', so right credentials are admin/000000.

Addition from Maciej Duda: In settings ELM set data triger timeout not 1 ms but 10 ms. When I set up 1 (Min. delay in ForScan was 200 ms)
but when I set up 10 (Min delay in ForScan was 30 ms)
I have a the same v1.5 but ıp adress no entry please help me,setting don't entry
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by smswapp »

I have the same issue. IP entry into web browser only shows a blank html screen....can’t edit any of the WiFi latency fixes as listed here.
I have the WiFi only ELM 327 as pictured in your post. Reads OK, but on clicking “write” it stops at 50% and errors out.
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by njmphelo »

Love the way you squash this elm toys, need to talk with you on forum.

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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by josephj22 »

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share my experience with chinese OBD2 and Forscan on Android.

I used to connect to Forscan on my laptop using Maxisyspro ecu flash device, however recently I found out that I can monitor EGT temperature on my 3.2 L diesel Ranger, thus I wanted the same facility on my mobile phone.

Using my bluetooth ELM327 and torque pro I couldn't find the same PID, thus I downloaded Forscan lite and with my bluetooth ELM327 it can see the adapter but never connect to vehicle.
After some search I reached this thread and found out that wifi ELM327 works better with Forscan so I ordered Vgate 3 wifi and today it reached and I was able to connect from the first attempt.

Still I want to find a way if I can add the same PID to torque pro as I can display the gauges on Sync3 screen using android auto. But for a connectivity with forscan mobile it was successful using the below adapter.
Screenshot_20200418-161336_Photo Editor.jpg
Screenshot_20200418-161336_Photo Editor.jpg (93.59 KiB) Viewed 25238 times
20200418_143224.jpg (83.86 KiB) Viewed 25238 times
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Re: Performance fix of china ELM327 WiFi adapter

Post by Mingueeel »

FORScan wrote:
Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:28 am
Procedure for other adapters should be simiar, although Web interface, credentials etc may differ.
For what is worth, looks like this parameter can also be changed in specific devices through WiFi using AT commands (AT+UARTFT or AT+UARTTE, didn't test it, though). Please, read the technical details at the bottom.

In addition, I've been able to set my ELM327 WIFI OBD2 device to be in both AP (access point or hotspot) mode and client (station) mode at the same time.

This means that now I can have both the OBD device and the head-unit connecting to my phone hotspot, so I can have torque on the head-unit and still have internet connection if needed. :)

---------- Technical details, for those who may be interested ----------
I've purchased a couple of ELM327 WiFi OBD2 devices from Amazon. Specifically:
MotoDia B1 OBD2 --> Doesn't listen on udp/8899 or udp/48899 for WiFi config.
Vgate iCar Pro Wi-Fi OBD2 --> Listens on udp/48899.

Even if the second is almost twice the price, I recommend it because it's much smaller and the OBD port will suffer less. I will be returning the first one.

The good news is that the settings mentioned in the original post can also be reconfigured through a virtual serial port which is exposed over a TCP port in specific OBD2 adapters.

To avoid extending the post too much, I'm leaving here an Android app that can be used to send such commands and the user manual for the ELM327 WiFi devices, which explains all available commands. Short description of commands at the bottom.

I guess this commands can also be sent with other terminal apps, like telnet, PuTTY or HyperTerminal.

In addition, I'm leaving here a couple of articles which explain how to configure the device into APSTA mode (mixed AP and station mode), change the config for both SSIDs and send other commands through the virtual serial port.
Configure AP (hotspot) mode: Original / Translated
Configure station (client) mode: Original / Translated

Leaving here below the sequence to communicate with this adapters over udp/48899 or udp/8899.
  • There are several UDP Terminal applications on Google Play Store, besides of the WiFi config tool above (but that one only communicates on port udp/48899).
  • Commands must not include neither newline or carriage return at the end.
Client: +ok
Client: AT+
Reply: +ERR=-1

Available commands for VGate iCar Pro WiFi (other adapters may have different commands, use AT+H to learn):

Code: Select all

    AT+H:      Show this help.
    AT+TYPE: airkiss device type.
    AT+APPVER: get version
    AT+TMODE: Set/Get the UART work mode.
    AT+ENTM: Goto Through MOde.
    AT+UART: Set/Get the UART0/UART1 Parameters.
    AT+WSMAC: Set/Get Module MAC Address.
    AT+WAMAC: Get Module MAC Address in AP mode.
    AT+NDBGL:set/get debug level
    AT+RELD: Reload the default setting and reboot.
    AT+RLDEN: Put on/off the Reload Pin.
    AT+MID: Get The Module ID.
    AT+WRMID: Write Module ID.
    AT+ASWD: Set/Query WiFi configuration code. 
    AT+VER:Get application version.
    AT+BVER: Get bootloader version.
    AT+HWVER:Get hardware version.
    AT+FCLR: Clear Fsetting.
    AT+CFGRD: Get current system config.
    AT+CFGTF: Save Current Config to Default Config.
    AT+SMEM:show system memory stat
    AT+UPURL: Set/Get the path of remote upgrade.
    AT+CMDPW: Set/Get cmd password in throuphput mode.
    AT+UID: Set/Get UID.
    AT+E: Echo ON/Off, to turn on/off command line echo function. 
    AT+Z: Reset the Module.
    AT+SRST:Soft Reset the Module.
    AT+H:show help
    AT+NETP: Set/Get the Net Protocol Parameters.
    AT+TCPLK: Get The state of TCP link.
    AT+TCPTO: Set/Get TCP time out.
    AT+TCPDIS: Connect/Dis-connect the TCP Client link
    AT+MAXSK: Set/Get MAX num of TCP socket (1~5)
    AT+RCV: Recv data from socket_a
    AT+SEND: Send data to socket_a
    AT+SOCKB: Set/Get Parameters of socket_b.
    AT+TCPLKB: Get The state of TCP_B link.
    AT+TCPTOB: Set/Get TCP_B time out.
    AT+TCPDISB: Connect/Dis-connect the TCP_B Client link.
    AT+RCVB: Recv data from socket_b
    AT+SNDB: Send data to socket_b
    AT+WMODE: Set/Get the WIFI Operation Mode (AP or STA).
    AT+WSSSID: Set/Get the AP's SSID of WIFI STA Mode.
    AT+WSKEY: Set/Get the Security Parameters of WIFI STA Mode.
    AT+WSLK: Get Link Status of the Module (Only for STA Mode).
    AT+WSLQ: Get Link Quality of the Module (Only for STA Mode).
    AT+WAP: Set/Get the AP parameters.
    AT+WAKEY: Set/Get the Security Parameters of WIFI AP Mode.
    AT+WALK:Show sta information of AP connection.
    AT+WALKIND:enable/disable LED indication of AP connection.
    AT+WAPMXSTA: Set/Get the Max Number Of Sta Connected to Ap.
    AT+WSCAN: Get The AP site Survey (only for STA Mode).
    AT+SMTLK: Start Smart Configuration.
    AT+SMTLKST=mode,protocol: Setup smartlnk mode and protocol.
    AT+SMARTAPCONFIG: Enable/disable smart AP config function.
    AT+SMARTAPSTART: Start smart AP config function.
    AT+WPS: Start WPS.
    AT+DISPS: Disable power saving mode of WIFI
    AT+WIFI=UP/DOWN: Power down or up  the wifi chip.
    AT+MDCH: Put on/off automatic switching WIFI mode.
    AT+WSLKO: Enable/Disable connect router with the best signal.
    AT+UDPLCPT: Set/Get local UDP port.
    AT+PING: General PING command.
    AT+WANN: Set/Get The WAN setting if in STA mode.
    AT+LANN: Set/Get The LAN setting if in ADHOC mode.
    AT+WADHCP:enable/disable AP dhcp server and set ip address pool
    AT+WEBU: Set/Get the Login Parameters of WEB page.
    AT+PLANG=EN/CN: Set/Get the language of WEB page. 
    AT+WSDNS: Set/Get the DNS Server address. 
    AT+NTPEN: Enable/Disable NTP Server. 
    AT+NTPRF: Set/Query NTP. 
    AT+NTPTM: Set/Query Ntp Time. 
    AT+NTPSER: Set/Query Ntp Server. 
    AT+TXPWR: Set/Get wifi rf tx power.
    AT+RFTESTMODE: RF test mode ON/OFF.
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