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Alarms when plugging ELM327 in 2019 F150

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2020 7:00 pm
by sk84life0129
I'm having an issue with this particular ELM327: ... rEb9V4D7GK

When I plug it in my 2019 F150, the following alarms pop up on my dash display: power train malfunction, restraints indicator lamp warning, electronic power steering fault, pre-collision assist not available, anti-lock break fault. And then I get some more errors on my touch screen such as: 911 call assist not available, and some others. When I flip the switch on the ELM327, my dash loses power and the touch screen blacks out.

I haven't even changed anything and cant get it to connect to forscan. I'm assuming this is a result of a bad ELM327?