PCM Blank configuration

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PCM Blank configuration

Post by dbovensc » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:22 pm


I am trying to modify the PCM but I only see a blank page. Is this normal?

I'm using Viaken VSCAN V4 USB. I also tried a Chines ELS27 clone, still the same...

ForScan version: 2.3.26 Beta (Extended License)
Windows 10 64Bit

Port: COM5, 2000000 kbps
Type: FTDI
Adapter: STN2120 v4.5.0 (ELM327 v1.3a)
Min.delay: 8 ms ( Excellent)
Errors: None

Model: Ford Kuga
Engine: Duratorq Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection Stage V
Capacity: 2.0L
Year: 2012
Month: 02
Generation: 2008.5MY
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission gear: Manual

PCM - Powertrain Control Module
Part number: AV41-12A650-CM (latest known: AV41-12A650-CP)
Strategy : AV41-14C204-CM
Hardware type: MLP-XXX
Total Distance: xxxxxx

OBDII - On Board Diagnostic II

AWD - All Wheel Drive Module
Part number: 9V4N-4C016-AD
Strategy : 9V4N-4C045-AD
Calibration: 9V4N-14C119-AD
Software version: v6 2011-09-29

ABS - Antilock braking system
Part number: AV41-2C405-AA
Software version: 2009-05-26

EPS - Electronic-Controlled Power Steering
Part number: 4M51-3K514-DC
Software version: v5 2010-07-13

IC - Instrument Cluster
Part number: 8V4T-10849-GM
Strategy : 8V4T-14C026-AK
Calibration: 8V4T-14C088-AK
Software version: 2011-05-12
Odometer: 157500.5 km

SRM - Speech Recognition Module
Part number: CS7T-14D212-AB (latest known: CS7T-14D212-AH)
Strategy : CS7T-14D205-AB
Calibration: CS7T-14D209-AB
Total Distance: 0.0 km

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: BV4T-18C939-AA (latest known: BV4T-18C939-AD)
Strategy : BS7T-14D350-AG

PDM - Passengers Door Control Unit
Part number: 7M5T-14B533-DG
Strategy : 7M5T-14C108-BB
Calibration: 7M5T-14C109-HC
Software version: 2009-04-27

DFDM - Driver Door Control Unit
Part number: 7M5T-14B533-AG
Strategy : 7M5T-14C108-AB
Calibration: 7M5T-14C109-GC
Software version: 2009-04-27

RCM - Restraint Control Module
Part number: 9V4T-14B321-AB
Strategy : 9V4T-14C028-AB
Calibration: 9V4T-14C098-AB
Software version: 2010-02-10

PAM - Parking Aid Module
Part number: AV4T-15K866-BA
Software version: v15 2010-06-09

EATC - Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
Part number: 7M5T-18C612-CK
Strategy : 7M5T-18D619-AA
Calibration: 7M5T-18D620-AA
Software version: 2010-03-03

RKE - Remote Keyless Entry
Part number: 8M5T-19G481-BG
Strategy : 8M5T-14C104-AG
Calibration: 8M5T-14C105-AC
Software version: v5 2010-03-18

GEM - Generic Electronic Module
Part number: 7M5T-14A073-JG
Strategy : 7M5T-14C094-BD
Software version: v10 2008-01-28

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