Drivers front foglight

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Danny Grant
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Drivers front foglight

Post by Danny Grant » Sat Oct 26, 2019 12:52 am

Hi there. My front right hand foglight has no power going to it. I disconnected the plug to the bumper wiring loom which contains foglights, daytime lights and front parking sensors. And ran a test of running live and ground to both left and right foglights. The left one came one with no problem. The right one only can on if I wiggled the wire at the bulb connector. So I cut wires and fitted new connector and straight from battery the it worked again. Problem solved I thought. I ran forscan and tried reseting the BCM but when I do a self dionostic it stops at the foglights saying bad ground to battery. So how far up the wiring loom and where on the canbus will I find the fault. Does anyone know where I can get wiring diagrams for foglights for 4.5 mondeo as every diagram I find on Internet are for mk4 with fuse not can bus.

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Re: Drivers front foglight

Post by denbo » Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:09 am

Well if you know what wire is troublesome you probably don,t need a wiring diagram. Strip back the insulation and test for power at different spaces until you find the problem. It will most likely be a green blob. Think about points of contact, or sharp corners. Stick to it, you will win in the end.

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