This adapter is not recommended for the procedure

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This adapter is not recommended for the procedure

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Adapters used : ELS 27 V4 Original and vLinker FS Original (latest firmware)!
ForScan : 2.4.6 beta (the dead PCM) and 2.4.5 beta 3 (the revival)
OS : (Tried both adapters with latency/speed optimization in both cases done on) Windows 10 and Windows 11, both x64.
To mention : Both adapters with the same settings worked flawlessly a few months before on Windows 10.

I tried to reprogram PCM.
Steps : Connect to vehicle, go to PCM programming, follow steps on screen, Load SBL - to 95% from the times the error comes on screen : "This adapter is not recommended for the procedure". Though, latency is 2 or 3ms. After "X" tries, one time the LOAD SBL worked without any errors and I went on to PROGRAM the PCM. Of course, by "Erasing Block 2/3.." come the failure : "Erasing blocks failed" "Service procedure has been interrupted". The car shows on the Instrument Panel "Engine Service Now" and a few other failures.

Again after "x" tries I get a successful LOAD SBL and because at this time I have nothing to lose I try the PCM PROGRAMMING once again. This time, for some reason, it works, and the procedure is successfully completed.

May I ask why the he** is this "This adapter is not recommended for the procedure" error showing up and why is the entire programming procedure so unstable ? What changed and why ?
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Re: This adapter is not recommended for the procedure

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First of all, it is not very good idea to use a mix of different adapters and different FORScan versions. If you use a recommended adapter and last version of software, and it doesn't work as expected, the best strategy is to contact FORScan Support team for consulting.

Second of all, it is not recommended to run the module firmware update function (MFU) with any versions older than 2.4.6 just because they contain a lot of known issues that have been fixed already.

Third of all, both of recommended adapters, ELS27 and vLinker FS, work fine according to the debug information provided.

Now, about the problem that created the name for this thread. The "This adapter is not recommended for the procedure" is displayed because you have ISO15765 setting changed to "In application". In this mode FORScan doesn't use ISO15765 feature in the adapter and emulates ISO15765 by itself (like in case of ELM327). This mode of work is not recommended by many reasons (even although in certain cases it may help to recover "slow" modules), that's why FORScan shows you this red alert dialog. We agree that this behaviour is confusing, as FORScan doesn't provide correct explanation of the red alert. We are aware about this problem and will fix it in nearest release.

In summary, the recovery strategy for MFU in your case is:

1. Install the 2.4.6 version, don't use older versions
2. Change ISO15765 setting to Auto
3. Connect to the car and perform MFU.

If FORScan will refuse to connect to the car or show "Module firmware update" function because of bricked modules, please contact support team again (by email, not on the forum!) and we will help to recover the vehicle profile.

4. It is OK to try on both ELS27 and vLinker FS, but doesn't make sense to use ELM327.

5. The above strategy should be enough for least for PCM recovery, but in case of HVAC recovery further problems possible, as this module is slow and is on MS-CAN bus that works through IPC as a gateway. So in case of further problems please contact our support (by email) for an improvement of the strategy.
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