EGR Delete

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EGR Delete

Post by Victoria82 »

2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor VIN.2FABP7BV0BX137598. I'm wanting to delete the EGR valve. Can i use forscan to turn off the warning system so the check engine light does't come on after I delete it???
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Re: EGR Delete

Post by Ujoint »

Although I can't answer the question asked, and this is an old thread... but as someone might come across it... I thought it might be a good idea to remark what a bad idea killing the EGR system is in a normal street car. In a 1973 Buick Electra with a 1975-1973 455 cu in motor repairing the EGR improved the gas mileage from an average 11 to 13 MPG to over 17 MPG and way better on the highway. Fixing the EGR on a 1985 Olds Cutlass 5L improved the gas mileage about 15% which is more typical for a V8. CVPI's already get horrible gas mileage... and yes I do have one... so 15% less is going to create a noticeable void in the wallet.

And yes, I was born long before EGR... and I love my cold air breathing big block... but at 9 MPG on Leaded 100 octane fuel, I wouldn't even think of using it as a daily driver... In fact, I retired it in 1984 because it was eating me out of house and home... I didn't want to like EGR or any other pollution control system... It pained my soul to repair the system in my Buick, but with a 70+% savings on my fuel cost, I got over it much faster than I thought I would have.

I hope someone else might be able to answer the OP's original question. But for the most part, people coming across this thread, especially those who buy their own gas and aren't super rich might want to think twice before plugging their EGR.
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Re: EGR Delete

Post by QuikFord »

you need a pcm tune to remove EGR, this will also effect emission monitors for inspection. Might be better to leave it
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Re: EGR Delete

Post by decipha »

forscan is not for custom tuning but if u have the means to read and write the binary go to
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Re: EGR Delete

Post by jorgemef »


Any way to undo EGR delete through Forscan?
My mechanic has deleted it to try to diagnose a problem in the turbo but forgot to undo it. Can I undo it with Forscan?

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