Unable to connect to Vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Unable to connect to Vehicle!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by WildBill » Wed Jun 12, 2019 6:02 pm

More info: I see the modules page it shows two APIM's, one with "As Built" the other just the APIM module. I was using this second one but when I changed to the "As Built" line and pressed the play button on the bottom left of the page and the APIM values showed up. I verified my previous reprogramming was still there (7d0-01-02 - x4xx-xxxx-xxxx). Then I installed the NaviPatch.PNG file and had to test a few buttons but pressed the display button and a blue screen did appear and said Nav locked so I pressed it again and above that in green letters it said "Navigation Unlocked" Everything was fine and appeared to be working. In the top left corner it said to insert my SD map card. When I did the message came up that said "Navigation SD card fault" I'm trying to use the A1 SD card that came with the car. Not surprised as this map is so old. Now I need to find out if
my new navigation system will accept the latest A10 SD card or what years/versions it is able to read. Any advice on that point? YAHOO, it works but what and undertaking for a newbe. Thanks everyone for all their bits of information that all came together today.!!!!!

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