2008 Clubwagon strangeness

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2008 Clubwagon strangeness

Post by Juice » Tue Mar 05, 2019 2:32 pm

So I put a set of tires on my van and went with the 245s, one of two stock options. I cannot find a way to program the tire size and correct the speedo.

I have IDS and after entering the new tire size in programmable parameters, the flash fails. I get the same failure error trying to flash my 2005 Grand Marquis. I have no issues flashing my 2007 mustang with the 2013 coyote pcm!

Now here is the wierd part. I flashed my van using a Diablosport InTune, set the tire size with it, but it did NOT correct the speedo. I reflashed it several times using different revs/mile values and it had no effect at all on the speedo!

One other thing, I get no programming options for the ABS module in IDS or Forscan. IDS does ID the ABS module, but has no options for flashing the ABS module. Forscan does not even show the ABS module. And I suspect I need to change tire size there.

Anyone have any experience/insight with a 2008 5.4L 2v van?

I will try a different adapter with Forscan to see if it helps in detecting the ABS module. I had no problems modifying other options on this van, but tire size change is presenting a challenge.

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