Changing TPMS tire pressure

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Changing TPMS tire pressure

Post by jim86301 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:39 am

I have a 2010 Ford E150 based RV that has "sticker" tire pressures of 55 psi in the front and 80 psi in the rear. These are quite a bit above the pressures recommended by Michelin for my tires and vehicle weight and make for a very harsh ride. (I weighed the vehicle on a CAT scale at a truck stop.) The Michelin recommended pressures are 42 for the front and 50 for the rear. Lowering the pressures to the recommended values greatly improves the ride. However the TPMS constantly indicates low tire pressures. Looking at the the GEM/SJB using FORScan I see that there are parameters for front and rear tire pressures (Front Tire Placard Pressure and Rear Tire Placard Pressure). When I select these for Edit I get the message "Only use this parameter to raise the tire placard pressure setting to a value higher than the CURRENT setting. The currently programmed pressure setting will be the lowest available value." Does this mean I cannot reset the TPMS limits to lower values and have to put up with the TPMS warning?

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Re: Changing TPMS tire pressure

Post by twisterrescue » Thu Nov 08, 2018 6:08 am

E 150? that is crazy .IT should be at least E 350 .single or dual rear wheels? and what load range tires are you running? all the conversion vans are at least E 250 based .and last three years all clubwagons were E 250 .FORD found E 150 vans club wagons unsafe .to many high speed roll overs .just as no more 15 passenger vans made only 12 passenger .last three years

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Re: Changing TPMS tire pressure

Post by ThatOneDude » Sun Nov 11, 2018 8:21 am

That is correct. The TPMS system cannot have lower than default values programmed. If your vehicle is calling for 55 front and 80 rear, you should really be using at least LT tires capable of these pressures.
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Re: Changing TPMS tire pressure

Post by Juice » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:40 pm

A mechanic buddy of mine was telling me he has been seeing for vans come through the shop with E150 badges and 8 lug suspensions. It seems Ford "used up" inventory of the vans toward the end of the body change over to the new body style.

So is this E150 and 8 lug van? My guess it is, and infact you have a e250 or e350 badged as a 150.

55 & 80 PSI is what is on my E350 plackard. And yes, you should be running "LT" tires and those pressures. Conversion vans are HEAVY.

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