Ford Fiesta MK 6 engine swap

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Ford Fiesta MK 6 engine swap

Post by Benjam2018 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 8:56 am


About to swap an engine on a MK6 2007 fiesta 1.25 Duratech petrol. I’m going to use exactly the same engine (size and engine code the same etc). Planning on keeping my old ecu etc so just wondered if there would be any reprogramming or adjusting of the ecu for it to accept this new engine?

On another note if the ecu was broken and you wanted to change it with one from a scrap yard would that need modification/reprogramming before working, assuming again that it was from a car with the exact same engine and spec etc?

I heard that the VIN is saved to the ecu so the ecu knows if it’s a different vehicle but where would the ecu be receiving the information on the vin of the car it’s in from? I.e. what other parts would you also have to get with a scrapyard ECU to convince the ecu it’s in the same car to avoid having to reprogramme it. I heard changing the vin wasn’t something FORScan could do.



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