[Request] Ford Focus MK4 2018/2019 EU Support

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[Request] Ford Focus MK4 2018/2019 EU Support

Post by Focus-MK4 » Mon Oct 01, 2018 11:20 am

Hello all,

I´m new here and read through a lot of topics. Great what is possible with FORScan - really appreciate the work which was done to get the software up to this stage.

As I have recognized the following models of a Focus are supported with the latest version 2.3.17 - beta2 for Windows:
Focus Mk3/3.5 (EU) 2011-2015 model years

My MK4 (EU) will be delivered within the next 4 weeks and I would like to help here to get also this model supported.
I was in touch with the team already and they told me to register at the forum and create a thread/request for it. Here it is.

I have read about all the adapters through and chose already one.
It will be an ELM327 USB Adapter HS/MS-CAN. The PassThrough Adapter is currently not my choice (maybe later).
I will order it immediately after I have the car to check if something is working and keep you up to date here.

In the meantime it would be great to know how the next steps would be to help here. Is there a guidline?

What I don´t get is:
How to know which module is for what? Haven´t found this info.
How to know which digit needs to be changed to achieve the desired modification?

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