2008 Mk7 2.4 Transit RWD

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2008 Mk7 2.4 Transit RWD

Post by smithy » Fri Sep 28, 2018 2:47 am

Hi all,
Have fitted some new tyres of a slightly different size to my beast and wanted to edit the tyre size within Forscan so my speedo isn't so far out, no issues I thought, so I edited the normal values within the BCM, once saved it threw up an ABS module fault and said the BCM config was incompatible. So I went back to the original size and the faults went away.

I then tried using the "Customer Tyre Size" option where you can enter the desired circumference, I did this and once again got a fault code telling me the BCM configuration was "incompatible".

Am I being daft and doing something wrong or is my van not capable of taking the change within the BCM..?? If the desired change cannot be done, why is the option available in Forscan..??


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