Mondeo MK4 - Pilot/Remote opening/closing isnt working.

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Mondeo MK4 - Pilot/Remote opening/closing isnt working.

Post by Luke069 » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:48 am

First of all I would like to say hello everyone, this is my first post on the forum, i was looking for answer for my question but didnt get any, so one day my key remote just died, i cant open and close the door from the key.

What i have done so far:
-Changed the battery in the first place
-Trying to programme the key with this internet method that is posted on many forums, but after the beep and clicking the button on the key, then switching to ON OFF, the key isnt working.

So my question is, can I check if the remote key is sending signal to the car in use of forscan? and how to do this? Basically im a newbie, i just like to fix stuff on my own.

Appreciate all the help!

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