My Ford PATS Success Story

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My Ford PATS Success Story

Post by Noyzee1 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:54 am

Hello to All,
I just want to share my success using FORScan.
I recently bought a 2004 Ford Ranger XLT 4WD Super Cab with only 1 working key. Using FORScan with the extended license, I saw that there are 2 keys stored in the vehicle's memory.
After inquiring locally, I found that the big box stores & chains here would not cut my own key blank and used the lame excuse "we're not allowed" as an excuse to blow me off. I also found that some locksmiths charge a small fortune to cut a transponder key for you, even if you tell them you only want it cut, not programmed.
I smell a scam... :roll:
But before I ordered my own Strattec key blanks off Amazon, I called one more local locksmith.
They told me, "We can cut you one of ours, but we don't have the programmer, and it's $20 ea."
I was so happy to hear that, I went down there and they cut me 2 ILCO H92-PT (80 bit, substitute for 40 bit H84-PT). Running the PATS section of FORScan, I got the B1601 code for each new blank, and then added both of them without erasing the existing stored codes. This worked perfectly, so I "bit the bullet" and just erased all 3 from memory and started over.
This also worked beautifully and all keys now start the truck fine, with 3 keys registered in the computer. By the way, I got the 12 minute security access timer for each operation.
So, I can recommend the ILCO keys: ... erence.pdf

This locksmith did not have the Strattec.
Hope this helps someone out.

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Re: My Ford PATS Success Story

Post by f-wolf » Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:37 am

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Thank you very much for all that information !!

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Re: My Ford PATS Success Story

Post by rasterii » Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:15 pm

What was about the security access timer?
Is that installed on each vehicle. What if you would pass this time?
I have erased my keys and on the next day was not able to get access to the ECU.
Should I locked the ECU because i didn't register the Second key.
Is it possible to unlock the vehicle?
thank you!

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Re: My Ford PATS Success Story

Post by Juice » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:33 pm

When you initiate key programming, even with Ford IDS, you get a warning that this operation will take ten minutes. Once the timer runs out, you have a fixed amount of time to program each key. I've only programmed keys using IDS, but I think the timer is not in the software, it is in the PATS module. Think about it. If there was no timer, thieves would be able to just program keys and drive away with your car. You still should be able to access your PATS programming, just have to wait. If you are truly locked out, I think there is something else going on.

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