2019 Ford Ecosport Turn flashes

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2019 Ford Ecosport Turn flashes

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I have a Ford Ecosport 2019 Titanium+ Automatic model which comes with Flyaudio. I have come across the following instructions to change the lane change turn flashes.

Turn Signal Flashes (# of) SCCM (As Built)
724-01-01 xxxx x*xx xx
Make changes to the second position from left (marked with *)
0=1 flash, 4=2 flashes, 6=3 flashes, 8=4 flashes, A=5 flashes, C=6 flashes, E=7 flashes

However in my SCCM As Built, the values I see are "AA09 4F05 285C" (see included image for reference). Should I change "F" to "C"? Kindly advise.
SCCM Changes for Turn Flashes.jpg
SCCM Changes for Turn Flashes.jpg (90.75 KiB) Viewed 187 times
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Re: 2019 Ford Ecosport Turn flashes

Post by FORScan »

Different SCCM modules have different configuration layout. Ecosport 2019 has no configuration parameter for number of flashes after turn, as well as other new models.

Also it is not recommended to use As Built format to for aftermarket module configuraiton. This article explains the true way to do aftermarket configuration:

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