Fiesta 2006-2007 BC1 Error

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Fiesta 2006-2007 BC1 Error

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Hello everyone!
My 2007 Fiesta, with the lowest spec bord computer (manual refers to it as "Bordcomputer 1" or "BC1")
Has a firmware issue (like apparently many from that year do).

The BC1 has multiple different displays to choose from,
the default one beeing the estimed range until the fuel tank is empty,
the second one beeing a clock.
As far as I know, the other ones should be stuff like temperature, radio EQ visualization etc.

The problem now is tho, that when I press the button to change the display, it switches to the clock,
but the moment I let go of the button, it goes back to the range..
So I cant flip trough the various displays, nor change it permantently,
the moment I let go of the button, everything is back to stock.

In a different forum, someone with the same error said, that they went to a ford workshop, and they fixed it, costing ca. 70€.

Now my question:
is it possible to fix this error with forscan?
in the IC configuration I saw various options,
for example something along the lines of "bordcomputer radio EQ"
or "bordcomputer instantanious fuel consumption"
they all are disabled tho (with the exception of "radio clock".

I thought about just enabling all of them, but I fear that I might accidentally damage/brick the IC?
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