Much better audio sound on Kuga 2017 MY with EQ setting

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Much better audio sound on Kuga 2017 MY with EQ setting

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As the well known F150 spreadsheet only lists possible values for the EQ setting in the 727-01-02 line of the ACM,
I started to examine this setting and the result regarding the sound. I have Sony speakers without subwoofer.

The default setting of 727-01-02 was 0500-36 in my car (where the "5" in the "X" of xXxx-xx is for EQ No 5).
Setting the "X" to "0" (727-01-02 now 0000-31) brings much more bass and treble, super sound, never heard before.

Unfortunately the "Individual Bass/Middle/Treble" option for each audio source is not working on my APIM,
so I have to find a compromise setting here. But EQ No 0 is much better than default No 5. :-)
(Attention: The rear park sensor beeps sound at lower audio level with this EQ setting.)

BTW: Has anyone a hint for me on my problem with programming "Park lights with DRL" and "Fog lights with turn"
(see this post: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=18287)?? :?:
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