2014 Super Duty Nav in motion Canada build issue

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2014 Super Duty Nav in motion Canada build issue

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I have a 2014 F350 that was built for Canada with code 4341 in the 7DO-02-01 block. I have tried changing this to the US 5553 and then changing it to 5753 and Navigation in Motion still doesn’t work. I tried 4241 to no avail, I tried to click the enable and the disable buttons as well and no luck. I did click write after each change and the sync 2 my Ford touch screen did a reboot each time. I originally tried with door open and thought powering down of unit during off to on cycle interrupted it so tried all again with door shut and still no luck.

My friend has a 2015 F250 built for the US and we changed his from 5553 to 5753 and it worked!! I did everything the same way on my truck and it still won’t allow navigation in motion. I even took his saved as built for APIM and completely loaded his as built and changed it to 5753 and still no navigation in motion. I have to be doing it right for his to work first try but for some odd reason mine won’t still.

My 911asist icon gets the red X so it looks like it’s going to work but when in motion I cannot type in address. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I’m beating my head against a wall so confused. My friends is still working to this day, it’s just something is different because my truck was built for Canada. I am not able to click a different country but the country does change when I write a different country code.

Also I am in the US if that has any factor. My truck is a Platinum and his is a Lariat. I tried posting in another topic for a similar issue on a 15 explorer (shout out to Lenko for his responses and attempts to solve issue) , hoping a new topic will catch someone’s attention that had this issue.
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