Car or Sync functions seem incomplete

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Car or Sync functions seem incomplete

Post by manuelm106 »

I own a Ford edge 2012 limited. The fuel gauge indicator
would not move past half a tank even if it was full, so I took it to a local repair shop (mind the agency check where I live is really expensive) . They fixed the fuel gauge but....

Now the car is showing only basic functions, like climate control, volume, speed, fuel economy, etc.
But other features like MyKey, oil monitor, interior lights, AWD, etc have just disappeared.

The mechanic who "fixed" it has left the country, due to the pandemic, I guess, so there's no way I can go back and ask what they did

Also, I am not anywhere near expert on mechanics, so I am quite lost on terminology and acronyms...

Does anyone recognize this kind of problem? If so, help is much appreciated

PS. I will update this post with photos later on
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